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Add a "Not for Sale" option for Free Market Shops


  • FennekinFennekin
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    edited March 2017
    AznboiE wrote: »
    No, the issue is that people believe pixels obtained by spending real money is also worth real money when attempted to be sold, while in reality, those items are really worthless unless you're really going to believe Maplestory is going to be around forever and you will always be playing it.

    Renting items is a thing. Even if Blockbuster and stores of the like went out of business, the practice is still used in a lot of other areas. And courts are increasingly treating virtual items as actual property. Because if they were worthless, then why would people complain if I hacked into their account and stole everything they had, then proceeded to delete their characters one by one? I mean, they're just worthless pixels, right? Living on borrowed time, cuz MapleStory will eventually disappear? Why would Nexon make rules to protect said worthless items?
    AznboiE wrote: »
    By saying something is worth more than the maximum currency obtainable per character, such means of obtaining said something is limited to being obtained by people who have obtained several "max meso" balances or by anti-ToS methods (the easier yet dumber choice). And once everyone who can afford one at those ridiculous prices no longer need those items, their value trickles down until the next class of players can buy them (anyone with max meso but no less).

    But there are also an increasing amount of players that can afford (or rather, are willing to pay for) those super rare items. Probably at around the same rate as those super rare items are found/generated, due to their rarity and seasonal nature.
    AznboiE wrote: »
    If people think paper with a number printed can withhold any value at all (referencing any currency made from "paper" (yes that includes our cotton-based bills) then it will have value to it, while if we all suddenly believed it was worthless, and it is, but not until our government or the "economy" declares it as worthless, then it will be worthless.

    So yes, if people actually had the belief that an LGR or frenzy totem is worth 500m, soon you will see people dropping their prices to that amount. But it's not until people become unwilling to pay more than max mesos that it will be so inexpensive.
    lol. That's like going to a Walmart and declaring a $20 vacuum cleaner to be worth tree fiddy, and refusing to pay more than that for it. I mean, if everyone refused to pay more than tree fiddy for it, then they'd just stop manufacturing vacuum cleaners unless they could force the part providers/material gatherers to lower their price as well, or if the consumers did this for EVERY item and caused the dollar to surge in value (that's probably not how economics works, but you get the picture lol).

    In MapleStory terms, fewer people would marvel/philo if the rewards weren't worth it. The only way a 500m lgr would become a reality would be if the meso made a HUUUUUGE comeback (hella unlikely due to the numerous methods of farming mesos that have been around for years by now (like selling boss pot drops) and have generated an excess of mesos in the economy), or if some hero dupes the heck out of it and distributes them while Nexon is on vacation and doesn't notice it for the rest of the century.

  • DaxterbeerDaxterbeer
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    edited March 2017
    The other thing that really disgust me are the "offer in PP" shops besides the numerous items for Blaze Wizard bots. I've been wondering if it would be possible for cell phone verification to be added as another measure when future accounts are being created.

    Nexon should enforce the rules regarding selling items for real currency.

    These are the only suggestions I have

  • Kylehell007Kylehell007
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    edited March 2017
    You're suggesting that people with double legendary around 40% stat items should be reimbursed if they're so In need to point out how "pro" they are, yet make the worst mistake you can think of by allowing it to be still be purchasable if someone happens to have max meso on them..?
  • xNailKaiserxNailKaiser
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    Cutting off botters, meso farmers, hackers, scammers, etc. Involves proactive work with banning and IP blocking regions using means to bypass the normal region lockouts.

    The rest of it can only be accomplished by capping prices in the FM. Once caps are in place, it won't matter if duppers, farmers, or legits have stuff in the FM. By capping prices, all these explosive prices on goods and such will evaporate.

    With prices locked down, meso farmers will be out of business. With farmers out if business, trainers and bots will be useless except to those trying to get ahead faster. This effectively would defeat scamming and any other things like dupping as well.

    You want your FM back? Get Nexon to put max prices on FM and all trades. You want the same to continue on and spiral more out of control, then raise the meso cap. It's that simple. You break the monopolies of the illicit players controlling the FM like tyrants. How do you kill a tree? You cut off the limbs or destroy the root? No, neither. You poison the soil with salt which starves the tree.
  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited March 2017
    How would caps on FM prices put meso farmers out of business?
    There will always be people who have more spare cash than free time, and will pay real-world money for meso.
    Since Nexon insists on not giving us the Meso Market, the easiest way to convert real-world money to meso is by buying meso from meso-farmers.

    Caps on FM prices will just move more of the market into "black market" territory.

    Poison the soil? Nexon went as far as to remove the soil entirely, with the no-trading in Reboot. Did that stop the hackers? Surprise! It didn't. The place is still infested with them, as people have figured out how to make $$$ even in the no-trading server.
  • ArwenArwen
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    SlicedTime wrote: »
    I think they shoul just increase the meso cap.
    I don't think so it's a good idea..the point is, it's to avoid putting the wrong price too and to get the higher bid..
  • JulyJuly
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    **duped by mistake? idk.. lag
  • JulyJuly
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    just don't put item that "not for sale" in shop..

    I understand the idea of yours.. u want option to take bids on item so maybe a option to change items status to "Taking bids" or something like that.

    Also, you can always use item megaphone for items u don't wanna put in shop.