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So...who's excited for Override?


  • EvoraEvora
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    Things I'm looking forward to:

    -All the level 140 characters I've levelled recently will actually (hopefully) be worth all the effort.
    -More starforce areas. Hopefully their spawn is okay.
    -Hopefully being able to create a Zero.
    -Override coin shop? Because I like icogs.
  • thrakkesthrakkes
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    I have my eyes on the new skill "Blades of Destiny" and the new character stat system Legion. I'll probably need to farm more nodestones and level up my characters to benefit from this...

    Drop rate isn't going to help out. That'll be a nightmare to deal with.

    the nodestone drop rate was increased for other servers at least for kms server not sure about SEA

    The problem isn't that.

    The problem is with the calculations after the nodestone boost. Those who have drop gears would suffer heavily. I'm not sure what familiars or inner abilities are considered as but the overall result found: It was a BIG NERF.

    Source: r/MapleStory - Nexon Korea's Response to Drop Rate Changes in KMS v 1.2.275

    What that means is that it will be more harder to farm overall. With the amount of hacking that's going on it'll make it a lot more profitable and we'll be seeing an ever bigger botting scale after this patch hits. The main idea now is basically farm now for better rates or suffer after the patch hits.

    The only player(s) who would benefit from such a change:
    • Hackers
    • Players with 0% drop rate boost

    I have to agree it's a nerf for funded players from what KMS players say. But there is one thing. I have read a link on reddit that nodestones in KMS as drop are totally tradeable, am I wrong ? If tradeable in KMS, then there is no reason for GMS to change drop rate system, so Nexon NA has to consider keeping our current drop rate system. Takes us some nodestones from loots to craft 1 tradeable stone when KMS can trade the dropped one, so KMS has easier life selling their nodestones.

    Now back on topic. I am mainly hyped to receive my new skill and maxing it. I have around 650 nodestones so far, trying to farm this weekend and next one, but yesterday I could not play x.x Also finishing my two Lv19 panic/shout/puncture nodes and if lucky, getting further on my weapon Aura node and starting Blitz Shield. When its done, I will start to transfer some stones to my submain Shade ! Finally giving him some more love xD

    Union seems cool, but I am wondering how we deal dmg on the legion boss cuz it may take forever farming coins. I have minimum 5700 total lvs or so and I have a few chars left to get from minimum 110 to 140 and I have 1 more character I can make in hope to reach 6000 soon and imma stop leveling them unless getting a few more to 200.
    WatcherCCG wrote: »
    Actually I do hope Legion works across world alliances, now I think of it. I spread my characters across one to save on NX and would love to have them all work together.

    This may be fine as long as we dont cumulate total levels from the whole servers combined in same alliance, because we can do that with the current card decks, unless it got fixed.
  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    I am really starting to dread the drop rate nerf...
  • JushiroNetJushiroNet
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    I'm not really excited about one aspect of legion:

    The new V skills will give the hackers in mybckn a big boost in profit for node selling. Nexon why are you unable to connect the """legit""" accounts to their hacking side accounts?