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No one talking about the Codex/ Familiar change?

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I haven't seen anyone talking about why the Monster Book button was switched to the Maple New button. Summoning a familiar is now a pain since i have to go to my equips and manually click on the book to summon. Can Nexon please make a new slot in the keyboard settings for the monster book again?


  • MiraMira
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    edited November 2017
    Yeah I totally agree. This is extremelyyyyyyyyy annoying. =/
  • jOjOBROgessjOjOBROgess
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    I agree this is annoying, it took me like 5 minutes to realize what was going on and that they switched the binds and removed codex bind all together. I remember when they added it, it was so helpful and then they go and remove it.

    Kinda follows suit tho, you know?
    Something's slow and ganky, they improve it, we like it, they freak out and revert the changes. .
  • BooberpuppyBooberpuppy
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    I want this fixed. I'm sure everybody else does, too. I don't give a diddly crap about seeing maple news in-game. That's what my web browser is for. Every one else I've spoken to about this is highly annoyed at this backwards change, plus the fact that we do not have a shortcut to the monster book any more. What the what are you thinking, Nexon? I seriously hope this was not intentional.
  • SherriSherri
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    I think it's honestly just a bug. We have the book itself but only the hotkey is missing.

    This Thread here
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