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What’s Your Favorite Pokémon Gen(s) games?

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My favorite Pokémon Generation games is I, II, IV, and VI. III has cool monster design, while V has decent monster design.


  • MalvonMalvon
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    Well favorite Pokemon gen would be gen 5 for story reasons, gen 2 for overall game play, can play in both regions fixing the broken psychic type, radio and the mystery gift house where you could battle a friends team and get exp from it which I have no idea why they ever dropped that feature.

    Then I would say gen 4 nice use of the touch screen feature at the time bring back night time from 2 and the a lot of the previous guys got a nice evolution. Gen 1 would be because it was the game that started it all and it was one of few titles were you could catch them all in a reasonable amount of time. Then I'd say gen 3 because of the contest feature and being able to join one of the villain teams and that champion Steven was the first challenging elite four champions at the time and the surprise metagross he used against you and when you beat him he handed you an egg of said monster to be able to play with afterwards.

    Now for last ones, Gen 7 for trial system and story was a nice touch and the best character yo boy Guzma. Now for last two Gen 8 even though it was unfinished and was clearly rushed out to meet holiday sales was because of promise an more expansive game world which you can see in wild area but it not used to fullest effect and some of characters are fun like Piers whom with I agree with.

    The last is gen 6 much like gen 8 it had rushed development time since game freak can't seem to be able to build two games at once without hurting the other. the ideas for a grander story are there like the past war and the villain plot could have been much better. the game sadly and largely brushes off it's new typing in favor of a new feature that could've been fun if it was used for uncatchables boss monsters for an extra challenge but have it unlock an evo for certain guys who really needed it.
  • Lucsean99Lucsean99
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    So for I only enjoyed N 3DS Omega Ruby which was an awesome remake and completed the pokedex. Pokemon Shield is okay, but lacking online features.