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Server Merge.


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    your words
    "Ok let's run down this idiocracy"
    IMewco wrote: »
    6. They missed their chance too move? Sucks to suck.
    f them, just quit or make new acc in other world ...
    great support and care
    i wont comment rest of your points if you are just going for the sake of aruge and throw "insults" as replacement
    and i know you want to be funny like boredphine with insults on each thread
    keep as you want
    AaronHusky wrote: »
    WONDERGUY wrote: »

    tbh i don't think there'd be any way to please the people who want a server merge at this point. If a world transfer event does happen, Bera is definitely not going to be open. And these people would bellyache about not being able to go to the server that people already consider overcrowded.

    And Tropism's points do have to with a world merge/transfer.
    1 - If you merge all the servers into one, you'll concentrate the kanna bots into a single server. That definitely would worse on a single server than having them spread out on smaller servers.

    2 - High Meso/MP rate is actually a good thing for F2Ps. But if you bring all the bots together they'd definitely crash.

    3 - A hacker has more potential victims in a larger server. Plus more potential to bog down the game for everyone else.

    4 - Honestly nobody knows what causes lag in this game tbh. But why would it not be a concern if the "dead" servers already lag too?

    If the merge is for people that want one big populated world, why does everyone else that wants to stay in their current world have to come along with them? There's nothing stopping them from moving to the larger worlds unless they're super invested into their current world.

    And for the record, the person in this thread had their previous account banned for cheating, the person in the last thread caused multiple guilds to collapse in their world, and so far every one who opposes the a merge of half the game population (which is a big **** deal if you can't tell) is either "selfish" or a "nexon employee"

    Also if all of you want to be in a giant server so badly, go to Reboot. Enjoy your lag and overcrowding there and stop involving every other server in the mess you want to create.

    1. concentrate the hackers in a single server ? thats allready a thing... they are not going to dead worlds to sell meso/gear to few out there left in dead worlds with alts on active world

    2. again all bots together its a thing... meso gets more and more worthless each botting wave why would they bot in a dead market with few players around ?

    3. yes hacker has more potential victims in a larger server thats why they are not in the dead worlds

    4. yea lag its caused by many other factors but amount of players when GMS its at all time low its not good to blame on and the fact that dead worlds lags allready shows that amount of players its not huge factor and shouldnt be...

    5. merge/transfer was asked by many other i dont care if OP its cheater and if someone flamebaits or talks how some are nexon employes nonsense...

    again we run in loop
    players that want to move to actvie world allready did so without merge ( some did on time sold their gear as much as posb,converted to MP and moved out)
    the other one just dont bother to wait on nexon to merge and made new acc/char (merge its not going to happend any time soon especially not now when nexon its dealing with so many issues)
    the new players dont even look at the dead worlds
    and all other that got left in dead worlds quited

    and yes reboot its good alternative to leav the dead non-reboot worlds to play with other but its dif play style and more solo play/farm

    also why the one that want to be alone and dont want merge go and request for two worlds only ? active where all will get moved to and a dead one for the few players that are allready in dead world and that dont want to be moved to one big server
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    Maplestory is an Massively Multiplayer Online Game.

    Maplestory used to have a placed called the MTS. That can also stand for "Merge The Servers". COINCIDENCE?!? I think NOT! /s

    But yes merge, merge, merge. We are going to have hackers, inflation, and lag no matter what so just grow a pair and go all in. Don't half ass any more things. Full ass it.
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    5k-10k players base @@
    50k-1m bots bans each week @@ @@ COINCIDENCE?!? I think NOT!

    sure all those cheaters are in dead worlds right ? dont merge with us our world our rules !
    lets throw the blame on dead worlds for cheating/ lag and ignore all things around us like its all fine

  • StaconaStacona
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    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    just make new char in active world for time being untill merge.
    nexon ameirca its not capable to do anything at this moment
    they allready have hard time maintain the worlds/server as they are , let alone the issue that we just got and the one that are on hold for a while

    also communcation nexon -> players -> nexon still poor ( might even say not existent ) we still dont know why they reverted the extra 10ch and so many other things

    They actually did give the reason, it is for server stability.
  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    Stacona wrote: »

    They actually did give the reason, it is for server stability.

    Let me translate for you. "We're still not happy with the reason nexon gave."