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Suggestions and Requests 10.2 - 10.8

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Suggestion Type Suggestion Details Link
Gameplay Improve Sweetwater on Reboot
  • Increase Sweetwater Equipment Droprate
  • Add Sweetwater Weapons and Armor to NPC Javert's shop
  • Sweetwater bosses drop "Commerci Boss Token" similar to Cygnus and Root Abyss bosses. Can be used at Javert's shop
  • Sealed Cubic Blades give Commerci Boss Tokens
  • Bosses drop Sweetwater Weapon Box instead of individual weapons. Weapon from box should be for your choice of weapon
  • Sweetwater Equipment Exchange
Gameplay Change Xenon's Manifest Projector to make it similar to Shadow Partner. No HP attached to the buff, just a timer. Forum
Gameplay Open Zero character creation on Reboot Forum
Maple Rewards Shop More Items.
  • Cash Covers
  • More event keys
  • Miracle Circulators
Cash Shop/Gameplay Allow players to fuse gender restricted items to gender neutral items. Example : Fuse grey t-shirt(Male) to Eagle Eye Warrior Top (Genderless). Forum
Maple Rewards Shop Pets
  • Add at least one pet to the Maple Rewards Shop per month.
  • Add Waters of Life
  • Add Pet Snacks

Gameplay Update Monster Carnival Party Quest to accommodate for higher level characters Forum
Gameplay Allow players to extract or craft multiple items at once, instead of 1-by-1 in queue. Forum
Gameplay Add the option to disable censorship. Forum
Gameplay Update and master MapleStory to at least 1920x1080 Forum
Gameplay Add all in-game medals to the collections tab Forum
GameplayAdd an in-game clock or /time command for players to use Forum
Gameplay Increase maximum inventory slots
  • Double the maximum size of the Set-Up Tab
  • Create an NPC/Storage that players can move their untradeable items into.
    • These storages should be character specific
Forum 2
Forum 3
Gameplay Clean up Crusader Codex. Remove old cards that are no longer obtainable Add cards for new monsters Forum
Cash Shop Add Kaiser and Mechanic color coupons to Cash Shop Forum
Gameplay Improve quest exp and meso rewards so players have more viable leveling options than grinding Forum
Gameplay Allow all classes the ability to flash jump without having their class-specific weapon equipped. Forum
Gameplay Add bosses like Krexel, Targa, and Scarlion to the Boss Queue Forum
Gameplay Add Guild Announcement from EMS Forum
Gameplay Make Princess No more accessible by removing key requirement. Forum
Gameplay Allow players the save the Basic Damage Skin to the Damage Skin Storage UI. Preferably - Have it saved by default. Forum
Gameplay Use KMS' sound effects for skills
Gameplay Remove link skill limit
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