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Survey - What's your favorite job?


  • JaxxJaxx
    Post: 1
    My favorite class is Warrior!
  • MidrandaMidranda
    Reactions: 100
    Post: 1
    edited November 2018
    My favorite job is Thief.
  • DoneDanDoneDan
    Reactions: 200
    Post: 1
    My favourite class is Assassin
  • darikdarik
    Reactions: 3,270
    Posts: 603
    edited February 2019
    Im between dawn warrior and kaiser, ive mained both and they are both really fun and have really nice looking skills.
  • NiseandrytNiseandryt
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    Posts: 22
    edited February 2019
    Xenon is the best with the hypogram fields, beam dance in gollux, and the missiles in gollux too
    Xenon and all stat for life
    Dual Blade is just a one button class really boring in my opinion, (and he don't have hypogram fields, missiles and long ranged bossing skill)