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What one thing would you change about your class?


  • DewiDarlingDewiDarling
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    edited November 2016
    I just wish my 75% Katana Mastery would show up in my stat window.
  • CalwynCalwyn
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    edited November 2016
    @Rezerba - I'm amazed to find someone who also dual-mains Mihile and Thunder Breaker. Love your suggestions!
  • AlpsAlps
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    edited November 2016
    I think one skill in mind would be Lightning Orb, because considering that we cannot move with it activated it leaves I/L pretty vulnerable. Although the changes from Freezing Breath during 5th job mitigate the problem, they are still vulnerable to falling objects. So as a solution, probably make it a place down skill like Bowmaster's arrow platter so they can move freely(may raise balance issue if we can attack).
  • BeameronBeameron
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    edited November 2016

    Ok after playing another 50 hours on my DA i know what else i want changed now. Let us cast our shields while using other skills >.< having to stop attacking every 5 seconds to throw them out on bosses is really annoying and its something you have to do or else its a dps loss. Or maybe how about making the shields a proc while using execution? Would make using the skill more worthwhile since you keep lower the amount of targets it can hit q.q
    I know right, There is not a single skill on 4th job suited for mobbing. It should let you hit like 10mobs atleast, Im forced to use my 3rd jobs skill to mob, Its ridiculous >;c

  • TheHoATheHoA
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    edited November 2016
    I would remove the cooldown on my summons, or make it so they don't poof when I die.
  • markxhuntermarkxhunter
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    edited November 2016
    Marksman, bring back longer duration Arrow Illusion
  • VolumezVolumez
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    edited November 2016
    Bowmaster, 1hko skill the whole map with no cooldown.
    jk. honestly, if we could Flash Jump while using Hurricane.. mmmm
    or imagine if you could just press the Hurricane key once and just move normally, kinda like an on/off skill.
  • SeaPrincessSeaPrincess
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    edited November 2016
    Rezerba said:

    Just a couple things from KMS for Thunder Breaker:
    - Allow the use of the 3rd job skill Ascension right after FJ for both directions
    - Allow them to Jump attack cancel. I think that's what it is? It looks like Castlevania jump cancelling.
    -The rest would be bug fixes.

    -Maybe give them air time that Arans have but TBs are basically able to link infinitely so they'd be in the air forever.

    For Mihile:
    1. Allow Royal Guard to block all hits that occur within the same window of time and each hit blocked will give one stack of Royal Guard's attack buff.
    At its current state it can only block one hit. So say Red Pierre does his 3 hit attack. Mihile is only able to block one of the hits while the rest will go through. In the case of multiple enemies it's the same. He'll only block the first hit but the rest will go through before the invincibility will be activated.

    2. Give Radiant Cross: Spread's install summon its own command key. For example holding the down key and using the Radiant Cross will activate the summon. Currently it the summon will be reset and be replaced whenever you use Radiant Cross.

    3. Have Soul Asylum gain more duration with each stack you accumulate with Royal Guard. Sort of like Shade's Hyper Skill where the duration increases whenever you pick up a liver. Maybe have it be like +15 secs for every stack starting from level 3 with an upper limit of 45 secs.
    Unfortunately ping problems in GMS makes using Royal Guard more riskier than it was originally designed to be. Reverting Soul Asylum back to 100% passive might be a bit too much with the added invincibility time for each successful Royal Guard

    4. A clearer description of Sacred Cube. I still don't know what it does to Royal Guard.

    For thunder breakers it would be nice if the 3rd job Link Mastery to work as long as you combo and not just on the 2nd skill used in the combo.
    Would also be nice if we could activate Deep Rising during comboing so it doesnt interupt the combos of the thunder breaker.

    And for mihile maybe make royal guard a short buff to counter any ping problems

  • NonxenNonxen
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    edited November 2016
    Wind Archer: Move freely when using Song of Heaven like orther archer classes.