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What has Maplestory taught you?


  • ShiroiSenkouShiroiSenkou
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    edited December 2016
    Taught me nothing.

    I died shortly after playing their game.
  • BooberpuppyBooberpuppy
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    AznboiE said:

    How looks matter more than personality

    On a related note- that the high numbers your attacks generate also matter more than personality.
  • fluffynarwhal377fluffynarwhal377
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    edited December 2016
    Nexon/ Maplestory has taught me that the world isn't fair and if somebody has the chance to $**t on you they probably will.
  • Celeste123Celeste123
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    I learned that only girls can love/kiss girls, and boys should go away.
  • InvulgoInvulgo
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    Interesting question.

    - That many hours of frustration can lead to a moment of amazing bliss. Like being stuck on a really difficult JQ but still keep going even if you just want to give up! Then when you get what you wanted it feels amazing.
    - How to supply a demand in the Free Market
    - How to organize items in a very beautiful way
    - How to interact with strangers on the internet better, I learned how to avoid people from taking advantage of my kindness. And at the same time be open to make new friends and connections, the balance there can be tricky.
    - That dark forces are always threatening various areas in MapleStory
    - That Shumi is terrible with money.
    - The inability to move to the side to dodge an attack
    - That some mobs cry when you end their life...
    - That most of our characters don't seem to have parents
    - That our characters can drink unlimited amounts of potions without ever having to go to the bathroom.
    - How Wild Hunter's Jaguar never gets tired.
    - + + +

  • EyeCalled2UEyeCalled2U
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    edited December 2016
    How or what ways to fund yourself from nexon cash or event shops
    how to have fun in maple world
    how fashion gives u reality
    how to make friends and enjoy your time socializing with them
    Maple is Maple, add a little of syrup to the twist.
  • RoytonRoyton
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    It taught me to never spend money on random chances, AKA gambling.
  • SaelynnieSaelynnie
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    edited December 2016
    It taught me to expect nothing.
    How to spot scams and be skeptical of deals and offers.
    How to help others.
  • XpShiftzXpShiftz
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    edited December 2016
    Well I use to have a really bad computer and really wanted to play maple after the system requirents changed so
    Maple Taught me about Computer specs in a way,
    Calculating percents
    Probability and Statistics GG Scrolling.
    Economics and price fluctuations
    Not everyone is mean
    Everyone is mean
    Like 100 new acronyms including CC PLZ, MESO PL0X, JPQ>RnJ200 and many many more
  • RokaniRokani
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    edited December 2016
    To type

    Honestly I'm still pretty bad with this but having to communicate with others greatly helped. Granted now days this is all pretty useless lol.
  • XerauxXeraux
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    How to forget time
  • SaiyakiroSaiyakiro
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    To put away the idea that time can fix problems... Nexon servers still bad ever
  • bootlickerbootlicker
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    To not spend much real money on a game that's so poorly managed.
  • KhaIidKhaIid
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