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Permanent Banned after Hungry Muto Daily

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Hello im here to report a problem, Im getting banned permanent for not reason after i did Hungry Muto daily and then log off dated 28
October 2019 the next day i was Permanent banned.
I tried to appeal my false ban and everyone GM say the same conclusion: due the investigations we found this account was involved in violations and they flagged me

When never in all my years playing maplestory i used something like that .

I being playing maplestory through past in the time, waiting for the world merge and i was back to my maple when i happened
Was enjoying every event chilling out with friends , so the real question why im getting banned when i never used hacking programs

So after i tried to appeal it repeatly times , because is you getting a false accusation you going to continue appealing , so they ban me to from the support system
I hope someone with the enough knowledge read this post and help me with my problem

Since its a bad moment when you get a false accusation like that and you're clean.

I never used hacking/botting programs

I can't sumbit tickets because they ban me to from the support system .

Posdata i hope someone never past from were i am right now, falsely accused and permanent banned , losing my progress for around 8 years into maplestory


  • WloHu_KishWloHu_Kish
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    I've also been banned for no reason. It happened 1 minute after 2nd block of 2x EXP,Drop event ended (http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/53424/spooky-halloween-events), that is 2019-11-01 6:01 CET.

    I've send many tickets to Ban Appeals without great results. Their 1st ban reason was "Illegal Attack" (what does that even mean? CoC please?); 2nd reason was by GM Kryndax: "Specifically speaking, the suspension was handed down after activity similar to that of confirmed hackers was detected on this account.". Notice "similar to a hacker". If playing suicide Kanna at ByeBye Station is "similar enough to a hacker to make you banned" then something is wrong with their heads. Coincidental thinking is just wrong.

    The more tickets I send the more messy it seems on their side. GM Kryndax, who has anwsered me after "investigation", isn't even able to keep his claims consistent. At 1st he said "According to our tools, this account's access should be restored after December 1, 2019." and in following tickets it changed to "As it is now clear this account will remain permanently locked, please refrain from submitting any further appeals regarding it.". I don't know if this is by mistake or my ban changed from 1 month to permanent only by sending tickets to Ban Appeals.

    Why this is a bug? Beside the fact that we were banned for no reason the other thing is that in my case the ban message displayed when selecting channel has weird number in its date which changes each time I relog (either at game or NEXON Launcher level). Check linked images. In 1st message the number is "You can log in after 91349335/1/2019 05:01 UTC." and later it's "You can log in after 94822743/1/2019 05:01 UTC.". The former screenshot was taken before sending 1st ticket to Ban Appeals and the latter is from today and shows that what GM Kryndax said isn't supported by that message (it doesn't mention permanent ban).

    Such events of mass unreasonable bans aren't new (http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/28617/an-update-regarding-recent-blaze-wizard-bans). During that time I also got a ban for no reason, which was later lifted. GMS workers are thick skulled and make errors as always.

    If their "investigation" is based on server' event logs then it is really error prone way of investigating and such proof is weak at best. No video recorded nor GM witnessing illicit behaviour; all they have are messy server logs.
  • nidhddVnidhddV
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    I went to the event on the day of 10.17 and played a few blame and was prompted to be permanently banned. I went to appeal, and GM replied to me like it was copied. I continue to complain about the specific reasons for my ban and then threaten me to continue my complaint to close my appeal channel. Now I have no way to contact GM.