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Lagging a lot

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edited November 2019 in Tech Support
Are there more people who are having problems with lags??
I`m having lots off probs with it and its getting annoying.
The quests with getting 300/500 combo kills I cant play due to lagging.

MS what can I do to play normal and are you going to fix this???


  • scholar624scholar624
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    edited November 2019
    Had the exact same issue as well.

    Between combos breaking from lag, Pollo & Fito portals never appearing, and every surprise missions asking me to find 3 elite monsters in under half an hour; eventually said “screw it” to the Haste Event and focused primarily on completing Bards songbook .

    A couple of tips that might help though alleviate some of the lag:
    • No such thing as a free “Launch”
      Close Nexon Launcher once the game is fully up and running, frees up a lot of RAM right there.

    • I stream, You stream, We all stream for...
      Having a Twitch stream and/or a Discord’s web app open in a browser tab will take up A LOT of processing power on top of running MS Simultaneously. Either pick one to keep (but minimize the browser window while you play) or close both and listen in from a mobile device.

    • Game, Set(tings), and Match
      Lower MS graphics setting to the bare minimum via the system configuration menu. You can walkways go back and Gradually improve the settings when lag is being somewhat more tolerant
  • cartiantycartianty
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    Scholar624 Tried all off that but still......................... keep lagging

    MS do something please its getting realy annoying
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    It might be a hardware shortcoming? People use the term lag to describe everything from shoddy connections to poor performance of the game itself.
  • EXdestEXdest
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    server is very unstable and keep dc-ing.