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Jett Skill Revamp RANT

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edited December 2019 in Rants and Raves
"We rebalanced and made adjustments to Jett’s skills with the purpose of maximizing their efficiency." -Nexon 12/17/19
"Starline One: Added MP cost. Removed damage increase after learning Starline Two through Four. Number of Max Enemies Hit adjusted from 8 to 6." NERF
"Space Walk: Action has been removed." NERF
"Vortex Jump: Skill has been removed." REMOVED
"Galactic Might: Removed Max HP increase and Defense stats. Max Level increased from 15 to 20." NERF
"Starline Two: Number of Attacks increased from 2 to 3. Removed damage increase after learning Starline Three and Four. Removed Knockback effect, Cooldown, and skill’s prerequisite condition. Stun Duration increased from 1 second to 3 seconds. Stun Chance increased from 5% to 50%." NERFED DUE TO NODE
"Stellar Impact: Removed screen shaking feature. Added Cooltime of 8 seconds. MP cost adjusted from 14 to 65. Damage adjusted from 200% to 300%." ADDED HUGE COOLDOWN
"Vortex Cross: Damage decreased from 130% to 100%. Number of Max Enemies Hit decreased from 8 to 6. Fixed post-delay action after skill is used." NERF
"Volt Barrage: Skill has been removed." REMOVED
"Starline Three: MP cost decreased from 75 to 45. Number of Attacks increased from 3 to 4. Removed damage increase after learning Starline Four. Fixed action delay while casting the skill." NERFED DUE TO NODE
"Cosmic Upheaval: Removed screen shaking feature. Added Cooldown of 3 seconds. Fixed action delay while casting the skill." NERFED
"Slipstream Suit: Duration increased from 150 seconds to 180 seconds. Final Damage decreased from 22% to 20%." NERFED
"Spatial Shift: Added skill’s prerequisite condition to reach Lv. 5 for Votex Cross skill. Skill delay has been adjusted. Damage decreased from 160% to 140%. Number of Attacks decreased from 3 to 2." NERFED
"Starline Four: Skill has been removed." REMOVED
"Backup Beatdown: MP cost increased from 9 to 12. Number of Max Enemies Hit decreased from 8 to 5. Damage increased from 250% to 300%. Number of Attacks increased from 2 to 3. Bonus Attack Damage after 20 Mastery increased from 840% to 1200%. Added Cooldown of 60 seconds. Changed so that skill can be used when the character jumps." HUGE COOLDOWN ADDED
"Planet Buster: MP cost increased from 40 to 50. Number of Max Enemies Hit decreased from 10 to 6. Damage decreased from 1150% to 470%. Removed Cooldown." NERFED
"Gravity Booster: Changed Boss Damage to now be active not passive. Party buff has been removed." NERFED
"Bionic Resilience: MaxHP decreased from 50% to 40%." NERFED
"Starline One, Starline Two, Starline Three, and Starline Four Node Boost skills will be condensed to become simply Starline One.
Vortex Jump Node Boost skill will become Starline Two.
Turret Deployment Node Boost skill will become Starline Three." ABSOLUTE CRAP!

These changes are absolutely disgusting. They added a party buff a few months ago to Jett just to remove it in the "adjustment to maximize Jett's efficiency" EFFICIENT AT WHAT?? Being a masochist? There is so many things wrong with Jett that aren't getting addressed.
*Strikeforce Showdown does not have a Node
*Turret Deployment is absolute garbage because it does not get affected by crit damage and I believe mastery.
*We will have even worse DPS than before this "maximum efficiency adjustment"
Can we get some actual love for Jett and not just a copy and paste from another region? This is more of a fawking NERF than a buff!

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  • VitalVital
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    Thank you Fawkocat. This is outrageous - they sat in the office, looking at these changes, with the numbers right in front of them, and the first words that popped in their heads were "MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY". I could study this decision for the rest of my life and still never understand what was going through their minds when they thought any of these changes were useful to the class or buffs in any possible way.

    This is a class that has never been higher than dead last in DPM. You don't even have to agree with any 3rd-party DPM charts to agree with that - all of the BAs and damage tests on Youtube prove that point well enough.
    This is a class that, after this patch, will have been revamped 4 times. FOUR times. In 3 of those revamps (and yes, Nexon is calling them revamps so I will too) the only updates were number tweaks - the one in June 2019 being the most beneficial. But now we are seeing that the great changes made in June are being reverted today. Why? How? In what universe does it make sense to do this?

    This is a class that has many glaring issues beyond damage. We have a list of no less than 30 bugs affecting our class, many of which have existed for 4 years despite frequent bug reports and detailed explanations. Out of all of the long-standing bugs, only 1 was fixed in the last 2 entire years (short-term bugs have come and gone).
    Do you know what bug that was? It was a bug that prevented a passive damage bonus from applying to Starline 1. In this patch today, Starline 1 will no longer receive that passive damage bonus. Do you follow where I'm taking this? The only long-standing bug that was ever fixed on this class is now having its fix reverted, and we're supposed to consider that a buff. This is supposed to maximize our efficiency.

    I don't know what to do at this point. We've all tried so hard to make the team understand what we love about the class and what its shortcomings are, but they don't live on the same planet as us. Not a single shred of real player feedback has been incorporated into this update. I'm at a loss.
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  • VerusAstrumVerusAstrum
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    edited December 2019
    Jett is a class that has so much potential to be amazing. If it were not for its constant mishandling through patches I would happily main the class over any other. That's the kicker though. The class is treated awfully from patch to patch. A Jett main can expect to regularly deal with bugs for extended periods of time, core problems like the mess that is its node setup, and literal nerfs despite already being the weakest class in the entire game. The entire class is a mess, and it's been clear for years at this point that whichever team is in charge of the class has no idea what's wrong with them despite our community regularly just listing off problems for them.

    Nerfing Jett, the weakest class in the game, in this patch after telling us we were getting a revamp is a punch in the gut. Especially when comparing this to the revamp Kanna just got.

  • SlatymateSlatymate
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    I will not post a constructive feedback this time. This Jett revamp is garbage and you should be ashamed that after all the effort and feedback we gave to Nexon through many years, this is the outcome you came with. The main weakness points of Jett aren't fixed (bugs, 5th job skills not being strong or non-functional, missing 5th job boost nodes). This revamp was designed based on complains of temporary / bad Jett players that wanted to give a single button use to kill monster around at the cost of lowering Jett overall mobbing damage and nerfing Jett assets.

    For players who doesn't know who I am, I was the first level 250 Jett / Zen of any MapleStory region. I quit my Jett in 2016 after realizing how GMS is powerless to make changes on their own unique class.

  • V0iiDzV0iiDz
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    I agree with most of this. Honestly, taking baby steps to actually improve Jett would've taken less work than however much work it took to copy-paste these updates from TMS. Not impressed at all. It only took one look at these notes to realize:

    This 'aint it chief.
  • ThatGuyZennyThatGuyZenny
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    edited December 2019
  • 1DMG1DMG
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    It would be better not to implement these changes.

    Besides what has already been said, the changes would come at great cost to current Jett players to redo their nodes, which would require much hours and mesos. And not even for benefit, but to make a worse situation less damaging.

    After all these years, it is clear that whoever is behind these "revamps" is inept at producing a quality class. Players who devote effort into Jett are falling into a trap.

    I am furious, I want an explanation and action Nexon.
  • SacrixSacrix
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    edited December 2019
    Rarely do you ever see changes so bad, that it's better to not change anything, on the worst class in the game, than to go through with what they've come up with.

    This will kill any chance of Jett leaving the meme-tier grave.
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    it was expected more or less by nexonNA and then call it a day there

    EaRlY eNjOy ThE gLoRy cOnTeNt EvEn MoRe WiTh ThE rEvAmPeD Jett.

    in next MEMoE be like:
    we understand your concern that jett did not meet your expectations, it was not made for all . We did closely monitor jett for long time (last 7days) and decide those changes are good, it will better serve the game and run more stable

    dont worry guys DMT comeing ! make sure you come especially non-reboot we count on you


    Cube Mega Packages

    payday before christmas
    january its dry help out nexonNA please
  • NoProspectNoProspect
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    As a Jett main for almost 3 and a half years I've always enjoyed playing the class even with its faults. I stayed motivated to play because I was hoping one day the devs would actually pay attention to our posts and complaints and change Jett for the better. When I saw these notes though, it was like Nexon just slapped us in the face and laughed. They think it ACTUALLY HELPS!!! This is lowkey going to make Jett nearly UNVIABLE for Endgame content due to the massive decrease in DPS and now less people will be attracted to play it. *sigh* Im to tired to even try anymore man the is just idiotic. They better address this seriously because these changes aren't helping anyone.
  • BelloPallyBelloPally
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    This "revamp" is just dreadful and disgusting.

    It dragged Jett's DPM down into the abyss, turned her Nodes into garbage, and made bossing more risky than ever.

    If this is what Nexon calls "maximizing their efficiency" then I would rather not have those changes implemented at all.

    Just leave Jett alone.
  • MageOfBattlesMageOfBattles
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    You messed up nexon, you messed up bad. When a class hit rock bottom, you managed to dig further. The changes are incomprehensible, I won't ask why you thought these changes would improve the class, because clearly no one making the jett changes knows either. When at times words fail, actions are required. This is one of those times nexon. Fix it.
  • AaronHuskyAaronHusky
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    It's best if the person in charge of Jett's balance passes on the torch to someone who either does care, or has an idea of what to do with Jett. The person in charge right now definitely has no idea how to balance or fix Jett if Nexon found it necessary to somehow make them worse than they already were.

    Jett's suffered enough already. Either give them some actual rebalancing, or completely rework the class. Giving Jett 10% extra final damage in exchange for crippling an already terrible toolkit is not how you "maximize efficiency".
  • 1DMG1DMG
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    These changes are terrible. Removing Vortex Jump worsens mobility. Reducing the damage of Starline 1 made the class weaker. Added cooldowns on many of the skills has made them obsolete as options, dumbing down the gameplay to extreme simplicity.

    Revert all changes, I'd rather lose the minor damage buffs than the things that made Jett unique.

    This update seems to have come from Taiwan Maplestory, which had 0 cooldown Starfall, so Jett (Zen) was overpowered there. Obviously GMS does not have that issue.

    Please revert the changes.

  • renegadecoins01renegadecoins01
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    yes please remove
    most of these changes do not even make sense
  • 1DMG1DMG
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    Some of this update is similar to what happened to Taiwan's Zen. The origin and context of this update there was with 0 cooldown Starfall. As such, Zen needed balancing, 0 cooldown Starfall was overpowered and excessively efficient in purely one function.

    On that premise or assumption, this update does not fit in GMS Jett, and was blindly placed upon Jett players; it is even harsher than Zen's TMS revamp. Throughout the update, most of the changes on our side seem nonsensical. Before this update, Jett was the weakest class in dire need of improvement, and this situation still stands, moreso after this update.

    1. Removal of Starline scaling, reduction of node benefits for Starline 3 has made the entire Starline skill set useless past 3rd job, even with nodes. Furthermore, since Starline 1 was actually the strongest skill Jett had for bossing, removing it as an option weakens Jett since it now must use the weaker option in Starforce Salvo, and the new "Jett Enhancement Skill" does not provide enough damage to make up for it. To my knowledge this wasn't the case with TMS. Whoever designed this update did not see that Salvo was not their strongest skill, and since the only change was a measly 30% additive increase on Strikeforce showdown damage, Jett was overall weakened. The change is misguided.

    2. Removal of Vortex Jump severely reduces Jett's mobility as the skill could be used to move during other skills' animations.

    3. Cooldowns were added to numerous skills, of note in particular Backup beatdown. This skill had a horrible design issue in that it was a keydown skill, but the ending launched a slow final attack that was far stronger, so it was faster for most players to just tap the key in order to hunt. Keydown skills by their nature should not have a final attack, that is not their purpose; they are meant to launch many quick attacks so as soon as new enemies come in range they will be attacked instantly. Regardless, now the skill shall see very little use, since it has an unreasonably long cooldown of 60 seconds. It is not worth investing with nodes with such a long cooldown, neither was the skill so strong to even ever deserve having a cooldown.

    4. Long-residing issues such as having too many active buffs, Gravity Crush not working properly, Orbital Bombardment not targeting correctly, Turret Deployment not using character damage formula, Strikeforce Showdown (a major source of damage when using Starforce Salvo) still missing a node, and above all, severely low damage compared to other classes were not addressed or even mentioned.

    5. Previous improvements to Jett from v206 were removed or made obsolete. For example, Starline 1 received a large skill delay decrease, but now is no longer useful beyond 1st job. Jett was given a form of party utility in having a shared buff from High Gravity. this was removed. None of these changes make sense.

    To an outsider who superficially sees Jett, Jett received a simplification and boost. Hunting is now done with Planet Buster and bossing is now done with Starforce Salvo. Furthermore, a damage buff was given, so Starforce Salvo, and therefore bossing, should be stronger. In truth, these benefits pall in comparison to the loss inflicted by this update and such an understanding is quite simply wrong. By reducing the effectiveness of so many skills the very individuality of the class has been attacked, as so many of the skills are no longer useful or were just removed. Finally, this was once again another opportunity for Jett to address so many long-standing issues. Not only were most not addressed, this attempt to improve the class is so far insufficient to what was needed that the class remains to be the weakest and now also the most lacking in depth and features. This, in addition to the fact that many facets within this update actually have exacerbated the class, is what makes this update so heinous and offensive to its players.

    I urge please do not let development for Jett stop here, cease development from whatever source has provided the previous 3 updates, and do not abandon Jett at this now critical condition it is in.
  • ResetReset
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    I agree. Jett is in shambles. The only thing I think will save Jett from this disaster is a complete and total rework from scratch that's faithful to the original but way better. Jett deserves the same revamp treatment that was given to Kanna. With thought, care, consideration and improvement. Not this completely careless and heavily nerfed "revamp" of CMS' Zen.

    Anyone reading this, even if you don't main this class, please help speak out against this "revamp". Jett may be a giant meme in the community, but this kind of treatment is by far unjust. No class should ever get ruined and then thrown aside. People who main this class love Jett and they are as passionate about this class as you are about your own main class. This "revamp" is completely unacceptable. Justice for Jett.
  • KrosanJettKrosanJett
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    First i will say i play Jett ever since the class came out for the first time.
    Over the years Jett became a joke for most players, no unique skills, no bind, no invisibility, no party buff and lack of damage.
    I liked Jett thanks to his mobility and flashy skills, i don't care about the damage but now the last revamp just shows me that even you guys just don't care any more.
    Here are my reasons why this changes were so bad:

    1. Cosmic upheaval, this skill as a funded Jett was my training skill now with a cooldown on 3 sec it completely almost useless for funded player that can use weak skills to train due to there hard work.

    2. Singularity Shock, it was almost the main damage i will do on bosses. now its 30 sec cooldown! No invisibility! Even the stun of 3 second doesn't work on bosses?! is that a joke?! you made my great one skill a 30 sec cooldown from 7! and the one good thing that good in it the 3 sec stun don't stun bosses its a joke!? if you do the math 1500% every 30 sec is far worst then 1000% every 7 sec (4000% in 31 sec).

    3. Backup Beatdown, why in the love of hell this skill have 60 sec cooldown? why? where is the point? what this skill give me over other (much better then him) that need to put on him 60 sec cooldown? now in quests when there a lot of mobs you can't spam this skill anymore to hold them... and the unfunded chars use this skill to make major damage over hard kill monsters... i really don't see the point here

    4. Falling Star. Was a bad skill you made it worst... really much worst.

    5. Turret Deployment. Almost all class have an amzing summon. i have this. its not bad, its super bad. i don't think he do the 200% damage like it says it need to do.

    6. Planet Buster. Removing its cooldown is awesome and make it the new training skill. but the damage is now so low is not worth use in bosses any more.

    7. Starline one. Yes its a first job skill. Yes and it was my bossing skill. i get it you want us to use 4th job skill but Salvo is slower then any other rapid fire out there and with less % damage.

    8. Starforce showdown. for this skill to be any good it should do much more then damage then what it does. It need a node stone! and more % on success to activate it.

    9. Gravity Crush. Why this skill dos not bind? We don't got invisibility skills and no Bind skill. Its a storm in space! it should bind!

    We did got a boost of attack on some skills and a boost skill. and still this revamp is more bad then helpful.
    You did amazing job on Kanna revamp, Why Jett don't deserve the same?

    This revamp was a pure nerf for a nerfed class.
    And its sad you guys think you did it better you just made us a bigger joke.
    I hope some one will read it.

  • iArrowZiArrowZ
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    when i went on my jett. and played a bit. i understood what they were trying to do.
    that so called efficiency they did make the class basically a one skill class.. maybe 2..
    and it looks like everything else was nerfed in order for that to come to fruition which IS absolutely ridiculous..

    everything should have been buffed up not down... and the fact they changed/addded cooldowns is some sick joke lmao.
    we dont have many GMS exclusive classes but its not an excuse to turn it to utter garbage.

    i have been on and off in maple since 2003 and i have to admit this is probably the biggest oof i have seen in a while.
    its so bad that people thought it was a legitamate JOKE that it was in the patch notes. only to find out its the actual changes