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Cernium Questline Completion Notice

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edited December 2019 in Announcements
After completion of Cernium questline, you will get 'Complete the Glory Guard mission (Cernium)' option when attempting to exit the Outpost map through the portal on the right. Upon clicking the option, you will be guided to Cernium map to complete the last portion of the dialogue.

To exit the Cernium map afterward, please enter the middle portal and talk to NPC Moco.

Thank you.


  • MorningAfterSevenMorningAfterSeven
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    edited December 2019
    That dialogue is "paused" untile next update, right @Ghiblee ?
  • MedicMedic
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    edited December 2019
    yehhh ive done that and it doesnt complete the questline, its like something is missing.
  • CarlosMenaCarlosMena
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    edited December 2019
    don't let me complete the mission T_T
  • gamedoithuonggamedoithuong
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    edited March 19
    tks for your share, It was very helpful for me