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wonderroid chair

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anyone know how to meet the requirements for the "i cant live without you" chair?? haven't seen anything anywhere and it wont let me buy it, as I "don't meet the requirements"


  • FaytNightFaytNight
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    This isn't confirmed, but my guess is you need to save Adam and Eve to buy the chair. Try completing all the quests and try again.
  • NeospectorNeospector
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    You need to have completed Wonderoid Season 2 (the story of Adam and Eve).

    Season 2 requires you to have rescued every android in Season 1 (Aster, Rhea, Kat, Roxxy, Sarim, Anastasia, Apollo, Jax, and Alora). Each android (except Alora) must be rescued in Rescue Mode, and some have prequests before you're able to unlock them. After doing so, complete the quest "Subjective Morality" to obtain the Wonderoid Savior medal.
    Afterwards, enter Investigation Mode and explore the forest for a hidden portal. You'll find the broken Adam and Eve androids underneath a tree and bring them back for restoration. After collecting batteries for them in Investigation Mode, you'll then go through a set of cutscenes from the perspective of an android of your choice and run the jump quest as Adam rescuing Eve. You'll then go through a second set of cutscenes from the perspective of the android you didn't choose, and run the jump quest again as Adam rescuing Eve. Finally, Adam and Eve will be fully awakened and you can buy the chair (along with the Adam and Eve android items).
  • ArlongArlong
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    Do I gotta go save them all to buy the everoid? Oh boy.
  • ArgentArgent
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    Save all the droids.
  • TsuihoYuushaTsuihoYuusha
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    The quest "Subjective Morality" is bugged right now. When I try to get the quest, I get transported before I even get to accept the quest. I end up fighting the Scion Mainframe, killing it, and no way to talk to Krania. I also have to wait 15 mins to get out of the place. Please fix this bug ASAP, so people saving wondroids this event can also get Adam and Eve.
  • kananurviskananurvis
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    Anyone know what the melody of the chair is called
  • scholar624scholar624
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    kananurvis wrote: »
    Anyone know what the melody of the chair is called

    I do, the title of the track played is “Primrose”
    It’s one of my favorites!