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Opt-in to our Newsletters!

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edited March 2020 in Announcements
Hi Maplers!

We would like to remind everyone to opt-in to our newsletters!
When you opt-in, you will receive periodic e-mails with news, events, and more. :)
(We shared about our upcoming anime crossover in our previous newsletter so if you want to be in on these scoops, opt-in.)

This is how you opt-in:
1. Log in to the Nexon website.
2. Mouse over 'Your Account' on the top.
3. Click 'Account Settings' from the dropdown menu.
4. On the Account Setting page, click 'Personal Info'.
5. Under Communication Preferences, make sure 'News and Special Offers' is enabled!

That's it folks. Hope you opt-in to receive our newsletters onward!


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    why mail newsletters?
    we can see things on site, before login (in steam/nexon launcher) and ingame pop up window in anytime seems more then enough
  • xBeastHeroxBeastHero
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    edited March 2020
    I do not think we need junks emails to tell us about games content. This should be done on the site. If you share exclusive content updates in email only this is a bit ridiculous imo. You guys try to tell us that you want complete transparency on communications to the players, we’ll start by posting important stuff on your own website and forums... instead of sending us emails.
  • CrystalOraCrystalOra
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    edited March 2020
    I look at the site everyday, so why would I want an email that will get lost in the endless sea that is my inbox.
  • GhibleeGhiblee
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    edited August 2020
    Hi Maplers,
    Bumping this thread to raise the visibility on opting in to newsletters once again! :)