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Please bring the Mystic Phantom outfit back!

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I have been playing the game very on and off for years. I've been checking back every time I think about it to see if the Cash Shop has reintroduced this fantastic set. I love Phantom as a character, when I say he's my favorite character design of all time, I really mean it. But, there's this gnawing feeling, empty void, when I play him and it's because the set that's on his character art is nearly impossible to obtain.

From what I've seen, the outfit hasn't been put into any gachapons or anything in a good long while. Because of this, people on the servers I'm on either don't sell any pieces of it or sell it for gold cap because it just doesn't exist.

I know this seems like begging, and in a fashion, it is. But I want to play Phantom how he was meant to be played, I want to enjoy this wonderful character. I'll save up money even for the entire set if I have to. It's just very difficult for me to enjoy this game without such a unique design for a character.