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Beast Tamer Bugs- Skill window/ Hawk Baby Bombers

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Howdy. New to maple here and this would be my first lvl 200 char. I noticed 2 bugs with beast tamer

1- The skill window does not let you apply SP to skills normally. Whenever you try to add a skill point it is reading the previous skill in sequence.
Example is trying to put points in "Hawk - Veteran Formation" brings up a window to put points into Hawk- baby bombers OR Hawk-birds eye view DEPENDING on how far you scrolled the window down (i guess that might help)
- There is a workaround by clicking the arrow on the botton that opens a skill tree like window. That option works fine.

2- The skill Hawk- Baby Bombers shows damage numbers on the screen however no mobs/bosses/anything take damage from it. Fly Defense Formations damage is a bit lackluster and baby bombers im assuming would be a fantastic help...... if it worked.

Please fix thanks!
`New player who likes beast tamer.


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    Àll of these bugs are already on the known issue list so nexon knows about it.

    along with all the other bugs/issues.
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    This issue with the Beast Tamer's Skill Window has been addressed through our Scheduled Minor Patch maintenance today, June 18th.
    We are still looking into addressing the Baby Bomber skill issue.
    Thank you for your patience!