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The new Familiar System is Unfair

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Copy-Pasted from someone's reddit post. I wholeheartedly agree with their response to this and would like to get their voice heard by the developers.

So basically, epic tier familiars gave unique lines and were easly obtainable from Jr Boogies, Oda Warriors and Serpants. Of course, Nexon nerfed the drop rate of all familiar to a stupidly low level. Now all familiars can drop common tier cards, and the drop rate of commons have been increased.

So if you farmed one of the 3 familiars I mentioned above in April, you got tons of epic tier cards that actually gave unique lines. If you didn't farm, well... Enjoy your common familiars.

Another gap for all of us new players

let me add something Overall the familiar system is stupid, before and after the update. They had a chance to make it better but they didn't. Above lvl 150 its almost impossible to get familiars (lets not talk about 200+) Why does a lvl 230 player lets say, should farm low level monsters to get normal familiars? Why can't high level monsters also drop them? And with how impossible it is now to obtain Epic cards, Common cards should have much lower drop rate.

Also the new system is just broken! I expected them after the first update to also nerf the lines, make epic and unique tiers have like 10-20 at max bd and IED, But 30-40?! Thats like WSE potential, and as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, some got it at the first days of the update, some gotta farm like 120 hours to get in line with them.


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    My thoughts exactly!
  • TurtlesRockTurtlesRock
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    Exactly my thoughts!
  • pat159pat159
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    some gotta farm like 120 hours to get in line with them.

    I completely agree with everything you wrote.
    Except with 120 hours of farming (if you actually want lines like the "exploiters" got on epic familiars) won't even net you a unique familiar in most cases. To add to that stupid lenght caused by a mindless nerf to drop rate, if you're new unique familiar rolled completely useless lines, well guess what, you have to spend all those hundreds if not thousands of hours to farm a second one. That's because Reboot doesn't have cubes available so the only way to reroll those lines on familiars is to make a new one. Let's applaud this genius idea from nexon.