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Code Optimization for DMT

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At the time of me writing this, the compensation DMT is ongoing, and, well... once again it is lagging just like last time. It's even acknowledged by Ghiblee on Discord.

I'm not a professional programmer or anything, nor do I know anything about MapleStory's code, but as someone with a bit of experience, a certain possibility did cross my head:

I'm assuming the lag between cube usage is caused by tons of people doing the exact same thing: Re-rolling their potential stats. I think it's done by sending a re-roll request to the server, and then the server responds with the RNG'd new stats.
When the server has to receive requests and respond a trillion times a second, it's obviously gonna cause strain and lag.

IF what I said is correct at all, then how about this - Make the reroll for Black Cubes client-sided.
I.E when using a Black Cube, don't send any request to the server. Instead, show us the new RNG'd stats in an offline/client-sided manner, AND increment the number of cubing attempts we did.
Send a request to the server to update our equip's potential ONLY after we click on one of the choices (The 'before' or the 'after'). Update the number of cubes in our inventory accordingly as well.

My suggestion doesn't account for Red Cubes, but a lot of people use mostly Black Cubes during DMT (I think lol). So this should reduce the number of requests the server has to receive and respond to, thus reducing the lag.

Again, I'm not a professional nor do I know the behind-the-scenes of MapleStory's code, so my suggestion could be flawed if my base is incorrect. But hey, wouldn't hurt to try :3
Maybe someone can suggest improvements to my suggestion, or give a different perspective.

Happy DMT lul :3


  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    edited July 2020
    This suggestion is extremely flawed and it would hurt to try.
    Say hello to hackers giving themselves perfect potentials.
    This is absolutely something that has to be server sided.

    Anything that doesn't run server-sided is exposed to hackers on the client side.
    This is why hackers can do full map attacks or increase attack speed and such, because they can tell the game they're doing just that.
    When the server asks "So what happened?" Their client just responds with a happy "I hit everything."
    The same thing would happen with cubes.
    Your client would roll the new stats and the server would ask "What did you get?" To which a hacked client would just say "I got 3L Prime."
  • Goofyde2Goofyde2
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    Fuhreak is right, making cubes client sided will ruin the entire game in a second, there's packet editors and such which have been abusing clientsided things for a long time, client sided cubes is very dangerous
  • SlicedTimeSlicedTime
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    edited July 2020
    Fuhreak is right on the money. Even trying this out would very much hurt the game, the markets would be full of hacked gear with perfect potentials in mere moments.
  • EternityMaxEternityMax
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    edited July 2020
    I see... So even if it alleviates the lag, it'll create a million other problems.

    Appreciate the inputs. I'll consider hackers next time I suggest something lmao >.<
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    instead of PR lies and countless apologies
    they can add 5-10sec cooldown after each cube or cube set is being used
    they can pay for better servers hosts instead of sponsoring meme site
    they can disable DMT notifications spam in the chat and the map effect (wich is mostlikely the only real lag issue here lol )

    and thats enough for better DMT and also within the nexonNA codeing capabilitys
    there is no influx of players the number is at all time lowest even if we count the hackers...

    anna and nexonNA team would be nice to come on a Q/A or talk directly with us instead of sending ghiblee as puppet with bunch of apologies and no information of what actually going on
  • TerrorStreakTerrorStreak
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    edited July 2020
    This is why DMT just does not belong on reboot you have virtually a 100% player base turn out cause everyone can participate not just the paying players like on reg. servers, reboot server just had a melt down not once but twice, that is how much of the player base is in reboot, reboot is gonna absorb us regular server types into them eventually =(
  • JelaniJelani
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    Don't forget the part where they have to update their anti-cheat to detect people changing the values of their client sided potentials. Also, don't forget the people that won't get caught. Really doesn't matter because other people's progress doesn't really effect one's own in Reboot, but I'm assuming many people would be unhappy about this horrible idea. (I am not many people)