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Why remove piggy bank from maple tour shop?

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Hello i would like to know what the reasoning is for removing the meso piggy bank from maple tour on the 26th of January?


  • darikdarik
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    no one works at nexon so we obviously dont know the reason behind that
  • iSouvenirsiSouvenirs
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    darik wrote: »
    no one works at nexon so we obviously dont know the reason behind that

    I'm sure someone works at Nexon... right??? But yeah it seems kind of dumb to take it out as the rest of the stuff inside of the coin shop is pretty useless(at least in normal servers, idk if reboot shop is different) or only needs to be bought once(chair). I'm just hoping that they're planning to update the shop. Maybe spend coins to buy entry tickets into Maple tour or monster park? Like 10 coins for 1 additional maple tour entry or something.