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Mechanic's Jet Booster double jump bugged

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edited November 2020 in Bug Reporting
Bug type:
Skill Bug

Brief bug summary:
Mechanic's Jet Booster skill cannot be activated by pressing the jump key twice.

More details:
Mechanic's Jet Booster was changed during the Awake patch to have three components: Double Acceleration, Booster Deployment, and Mechanic Dash.


The first part of the skill "Double Acceleration", performs a mid-air jump (flash jump). The skill should be able to be activated by pressing the skill key, or by pressing the jump key in mid-air. However, the skill is bugged, and can only be activated with the skill key: pressing the jump key twice is bugged and does not activate the skill.

Furthermore, when double jumping in the Humanoid Mech, your character performs the attack animation instead of double jumping.


Steps to reproduce:
Try pressing Jump while in the air. Double Acceleration does not activate.

Character name:

Character level:

Character job:

World name:
NA Reboot

Date and time of the incident:
7:00PM Eastern Time, 11/18/2020