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Add Improved MapleStory Taiwan "Item Dyes" to GMS

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MapleStory Taiwan has a purchasable item called "Item Dye." Using one will change an explicitly colorable equipment to a random color via hue shifting.

I believe a version with several Quality of Life improvements would be very popular, as it would allow players to stand out with similar equipment sets. I propose two major changes to the system:
  1. Instead of the color being random, give the player a UI nearly identical to that used for Chroma Bean pet. It would have a single Slider to hue-shift the equipment.
  2. Instead of equipment needing to be inclusively tagged as "colorable," make the system exclusive with a "non-colorable" tag. As the value of the system comes from using it, limiting to very specific equipment means this equipment must remain as available as the Item Dyes themselves. This means those specific items become less valued even when Item Dyed, thus making the entire system far less interesting. Mindfully blocking items from being recolored (for instance, crossover equipment) would be its own annoyance, but would be worth the effort for the sake of the system's usefulness.

  1. As changes to the system are required, the effort would have to be deemed worthwhile. Not only the cost of developing the system, but the inherent risks of opening it to most equipment available and the issues that could arise with it.
  2. MapleStory Taiwan has a separate item to remove dying from an equipment. In their service, this item cost double the price of an Item Dye. This would definitely have to be reconsidered. If the requested changes to the system were made, this item would not be required.
  3. As the item functions by hue shifting the item, the effect is less noticeable on predominantly dark equipment. A user may purchase assuming color was added and feel ripped off when there isn't noticeable change. A previewing function in the Cash Shop would be preferable.

The item itself was added to the game data with translated graphical text the same month it was added to MapleStory Taiwan. As such as far as the base content, it would only need the requested modifications to be ready to release. Admittedly there would be a relative good bit of effort and understanding to make the system work as requested here, but I believe it would be worth the cost to give players more customization options.

References: https://tw.beanfun.com/maplestory/BullentinDetail.aspx?id=51859The value of the system comes from being able to use it, so limiting it to specific equipment requires that equipment remain available perpetually, while also becoming more common and less valued for being hue-shifted. Instead of an inclusive "colorable" tag, make it an exclusive "non-colorable" tag. Limiting to specific equipment puts a lot of work on the developers to keep the system worthwhile, as well as limiting creativity for players and overall perceived value in the item.


  • KingofFurriesKingofFurries
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    edited August 2019
    I fully support this and think its a great idea
  • BeefBeef
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    edited August 2019
    I rather have Terraria's item dye, atleast it wont permanently affect ur equips and u can use it on w/e
  • AaronHuskyAaronHusky
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    edited August 2019
    I absolutely support this 100%
  • HorsechubHorsechub
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    edited August 2019
    That is AWESOME. Anything to add more and more customization would be perfect
  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    edited August 2019
    This idea sounds good in theory, but given how poorly GMS client already runs, I'm opposed on the basis of more differences from KMS is just going to bog us down.
    I don't want ANYTHING added to the game unless it's introduced into the base version.

    Edit: Again, I feel like should point out. I like this IDEA, I just don't like the idea of GMS exclusive.
  • MegaScienceMegaScience
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    edited August 2019
    I added a bit more information after digging deeper into the current iteration of these items in TMS. There are some design issues which would make this not nearly as interesting here, so I put suggested QoL changes to make the item better. I still find the idea of this interesting.

    I was also thinking it'd be possible the data gets lost if it's a unique value on items and the valid item structure gets overwritten, or something funky like that. Still would find it worth the risk. We already have a bunch of areas that play with game colors, including areas present in KMS, and the old Familiars. The feature itself shouldn't be breakable - just the data tracking how it is applied.
  • KlaraKlara
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    edited November 2019
    I know my comment is late, but this feature would be so exciting! There are certain outfits I really like the shape of - but not the colour - so tweaking them would open a lot of clothes to mix and match with. This could make unpopular outfits desirable and even get people to buy multiple copies of an item so they can easily switch the colour. Players will also be able to twin the same style but stand out with a new colour.


    However, this would best work on outfits that come in a single colour by itself, with white, or with black.
    There is the worry that the hue slider won't meet expectations since the brightness, saturation, contrast, and warmth/coolness can't be changed, as well as individual parts of an outfit. I don't know if such adjustments are even possible... For e.g. you can't change a pastel green outfit into a rich olive green. Changing the hue has a chance to severely reduce the quality of an outfit and there can also be problems with blending the cell-shading with the main colour. E.g. I would prefer blue shading on my outfit compared to a purple aura.


    The ideal would be if Nexon allowed players to edit/recolour outfits themselves (possibly even frame-by-frame). This does sound like a lot of work, but there are people who would be willing to put in the time to get their outfits perfect. Then again, who knows how the game will break from such an addition? And if you implement the dye system from TMS but later decide to improve it, what do you do with those who already used it?

    Nevertheless, I really want this feature.

    P.S. I'm jealous of all the CMS player designs making it into the game.
  • darikdarik
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    edited November 2019
    Couldnt care less about nx cash items, start improving the game nexon and then i will start spending money on it
  • YacyYacy
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    edited November 2020
    We want this!
  • gigatrapgigatrap
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    edited January 14
    Been wishing for this since the start. The nx clothes have never made any sense since they're often only released in 1-2 colors max, and rarely ever match
  • VenusVSVenusVS
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    edited January 20
    Bump :)