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A Kanna mule false ban story!

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This is not a ban appeal.

Hi everyone! Some of you might know me from my activity on the subreddit (/u/RombotPilot) or my (now discontinued) stream under the handle Afterlord_MS. I'm a 275 mechanic player, Afteriord, in Reboot NA and I'd like to tell you all about my level 255 Kanna mule, j65sty, and her recent false ban. Before you say sus name bought account, here's evidence I leveled the account manually. High res screenshots are from my main pc, low res screenshots are from 2nd pc while she was being leeched. I don't have every screen shot of her leveling and nothing before her level 210 screen shot but you'd be surprised how hard it is to find these things if you tried it yourself.

My Kanna mule was banned some time overnight between January 14th 2021 and January 15th 2021 while offline. The account was logged off of manually in Sellas: The Jellyfish (Sellas's main "town") and was not disconnected from the game. When I tried to log back in on January 15th I received the ban message (Link here):
This account has been blocked for chat conduct promoting activities which violate the Terms of Service or Code of Conduct.

The account is permanently banned now. My appeal was rejected by Kryndax with the explanation (Link here):
Unfortunately, after reviewing the account, we're seeing that the violations found on this account are too severe to allow further access. Specifically speaking, this account's MapleStory access has been removed after one or more third-party programs specifically created to facilitate illegal botting activity were detected active and in use at the time the access restriction was executed.

Bear in mind that the account was offline when it was banned. My Kanna was not white roomed at any time prior to my ban which suggests this ban was automated. Being offline when the ban was issued contradicts the statement "one or more third-party programs specifically created to facilitate illegal botting activity were detected active and in use at the time the access restriction was executed." Furthermore, Kryndax's statement contradicts the ban message which is specifically for "chat conduct promoting activities which violate the Terms of Service or Code of Conduct."

After having been given a self-contradicting response by the GM which also contradicted the in game ban message and having no evidence of wrongdoing presented against me, my appeal was denied and my ticket was closed. This is a character that's been leveled over a period of two years and I've progressed it in step with my main account. When I started preparing to level to 275 I also began leveling the Kanna past 225 beginning in January 2019 and ending at 255 on August 25th 2020. I suggest that this was an unsatisfactory investigation into my account by industry standards considering the age of the account, the time spent leveling it, and how slowly it was leveled.

The remainder is circumstantial evidence that should sufficiently prove that there's no reason to bot on an account such as this one. The reason is that this Kanna mule is a somewhat unique case. Her AP was reset and invested into HP which cannot be reversed in Reboot because the available AP reset scroll does not reset AP invested into HP. Because of this, the character can never play normally again (Evidence here). Please consider that this video was posted in August 2020 and my Kanna is already 255.

At the time she was banned, my Kanna was wearing only a level 10 fan and her arcane symbols to reduce the damage she takes from monsters in Sellas. Being effectively naked would suggest that the account was not being leveled prior to being logged off and would instead suggest that it was being used to cast Kishin Shoukan. It doesn't stand to reason that after two years of regular use as a Kishin mule and two years of leveling both manually and by leeching that I would suddenly begin using "one or more third-party programs specifically created to facilitate illegal botting activity" just to cast Kishin. No sane person would risk such an account. Furthermore, it would make no sense to begin botting or leveling an already ruined (by having all her AP invested into HP) Kanna mule to 270 in preparation for Hotel Arcs because of how little damage the character does. The time saved by training newly created and strong character in Cernium and Burning Cernium with their increased EXP rates, as well as the time saved by being able to train between 255 and 260 in Limina or Labyrinth, would greatly outweigh the time saved by starting at 255 on a character with no stats. My Kanna can only two shot with Exorcist Charm, her most powerful spammable skill, in Moonbridge which would make further training both nonviable and a huge waste of time compared to creating a new account.

I never had any intention of leveling this character past 255. This is further evidenced by my main account's situation. On my main account I farm with a 275 mechanic in End of the World 2-5. I do not have a Kanna farmer (Evidence here with lucky box Spiegelmann to show it's recent). Therefore, if I were to level my main account past 275 when the Neo patch releases and the level cap is raised to 300, I would be reducing my only income source by 2% per level. Cernium, Burning Cernium, and Hotel Arcs will not be viable meso, node, or droplet farming areas based on the extremely high HP of the mobs there. For example, this monster has 3.8 billion hp in regular servers. StrategyWiki tells us that the 260-269 Authentic Force monsters will have 1.7x hp (Citation). With 6.5 billion hp, Rock n Shock which is one of my primary mobbing skills would kill in six hits at best after I have 1.5x Authentic Force considering it only does about 1 billion damage to monsters in Limina. Killing monsters so slowly would easily cut my meso, droplet, and node rates by more than half. It makes no sense that I would want to limit my ability to acquire resources during the minimum seven months I'd have to spend on my Genesis Liberation quest after I kill the Black Mage with my party this Spring. Even with six more months of farming on my main account had my Kanna not been banned, I wouldn't be strong enough to kill Hard Will after the final damage reduction to his third phase poison in the Neo patch.

To recap:
1. The in game ban reason is irrelevant to the accusations leveled against me by Customer Support
2. The message from Kryndax contradicts the time of the ban and the in game ban reason
3. No evidence against my account has been presented by Customer Support
4. The Kanna's AP investment prevents it from training at a viable pace
5. The Kanna was ungeared both prior to and at the time of being banned
6. The Kanna was not white roomed prior to its ban
7. The Kanna has been used regularly and leveled slowly over a period of over two years with no issues
8. Both my main account and my Kanna account are actively disincentivized from leveling

TL;DR: I have plenty of evidence of being innocent and I was banned and had my appeal rejected without consideration or explanation. I'd like to emphasize that this could have happened to anyone in the community. Other members of my guild and alliance have also been banned with the same ban reason. Legit players have been banned in waves in the past and there's no reason to think it'll be any different in the future. You shouldn't just take Nexon's word for it when someone is banned. It would be easy enough for them to present evidence against players as other companies do. They should be held accountable for their negligence and lack of consideration for the time and money of their players.


  • LuxxLuxx
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    I'm scared to even play Kanna tbh. Ya'll get banned too much lol.
  • BostonGeorgeBostonGeorge
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    I feel you bobbyweave and you have presented your self a really strong case if this gets swiped under the rug and ignored that tells ya the customer service for this game is poor.
  • darikdarik
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    Luxx wrote: »
    I'm scared to even play Kanna tbh. Ya'll get banned too much lol.

    been playing kanna for years, never ever got white roomed or banned, all we can say is contact support