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Maple Fashion: Design Story 2021 - Outfits

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Hello Maplers!

Maple Fashion: Design Story for outfit has returned once again!
Previous Maple Fashion: Design Story had stunning submissions and winners that you may be familiar with, such as ShiyumiSama's Stray Cat (aka Homeless Cat), TsuusT's Fox Fire Outfit, and Renni's Erda Outfit!
We all know, FashionStory is the true endgame and it's time for your creativity and imagination to come to life in pixels! Were there any outfits that you've always wanted for your MapleStory character? If so, now is the time! Create your very own outfit design and you never know, it just might get implemented in-game!


*Please note that this contest is being held on our Official MapleStory Discord and Forums.

Submission Dates:
April 12 - May 14th 10:00 AM PT

How to Enter:
1. You can use your own template or download the template here: https://imgur.com/a/GylOkU0
2. Comment on this Contest post
3. Include the following with your entry:
- Your In-game name
- World Name
- Your design of the outfit (at least a Hat & Overall/Top&Bottom)

- You must submit an outfit design in an entry to be considered. You're entering an outfit, not a single cover equipment piece. You're not required to draw a cover for every slot of equipment, but the bare minimum should be a hat along with an overall, or top and bottom.
- Only one (1) entry can be submitted per person. (It can be Unisex or Male/Female can be on 1 submission.)
- No explicit content is allowed. Please keep it appropriate and PG-13.
- Do not use outfit of licensed characters from other games or anime in your artwork.
- All submissions become the property of Nexon. All designs received in this contest may be published, modified, and reused by Nexon in any medium.

Judging Process:
- Our panel of judges includes members from the Nexon MapleStory Community and Production team. We plan to go through the entries at the end of the contest and select top 8 to 10 outfit designs. After our selection, we plan to allow community to cast their vote. Top 3 designs with the most votes will be our winners.
- All designs will be shared and be reviewed by our development team equally regardless of the design's winning status. However, please note that we do not guarantee that any specific designs will be implemented in-game.

- 1st Place: 100,000 Maple Points
- 2nd Place: 75,000 Maple Points
- 3rd Place: 50,000 Maple Points
- Regardless of your winning status, you will be given your outfit once if it is implemented in-game.

Official Rules:


  • iZaniZan
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    IGN: îZan
    World Name: Reboot (NA)

    Hello everyone, my nickname is Zan. I am very happy to join this contest. Today I will bring to everyone a design called " The Winter Witch".

    I really love winter, I love all things relate to winter like snow, white and blue color, snow white furs ... etc .. And my second favorite when I play any MMORPG games, it's Witch class. Because of that, I have put my dream into this design, I hope you will like it and help me make it come true. Thank you all!


    Name of the design: ❄ THE WINTER WITCH ❄

    I put all description in the image. Below is the name of items

    Female Set:
    - Hat: The Winter Witch Hat (F)
    - Overall: The Winter Witch Robe (F)
    - Cape: The Winter Witch Cape
    - Gloves: Sound of Winter
    - Shoes: Shoes of Winter
    - Weapon: The Winter Branch
    - Rings: Winter Witch Label and Chat Ring

    Male Set:
    - Hat: The Winter Witch Hat (M)
    - Overall: The Winter Witch Robe (M)
    - Cape: The Winter Witch Cape
    - Gloves: Sound of Winter
    - Shoes: Shoes of Winter
    - Weapon: The Winter Branch
    - Rings: Winter Witch Label and Chat Ring

    Set effect: After wear all items in this set except Rings, a winter effect will appear with snowflakes fly up

    Last and indispensable, I would like to thank the Nexon team for creating this game, a game that has made a deep impression on my childhood.
    I hope you enjoyed this design, thanks very much!

  • WhorificWhorific
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    IGN: SneakyCheeky
    World: Reboot (NA)

    No stealing from other IPs but there's nothing in the rules about stealing from Nexon themselves :^)

    The hat and gloves would be animated like fire but that kind of animation is far too complex for me.
    If this does happen to be picked, I'm hoping the Mastema sprite would be re-used from the pet. Tiny Mastema is so adorable.
    There's no cape because I don't want it to overwrite Demon's natural wings.

  • SilkwaySilkway
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    edited April 2021
    IGN: Razeihel
    World: NA Reboot


    [Equip Pieces]
    1. Hat
    2. Eye Accessory
    3. Cape (Tail + wings are the entire cape)
    4. Overall
  • ColorcipherColorcipher
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    Member, Private Tester
    edited April 2021
    IGN - Sakuramist
    World - NA Reboot


    Name of design - Wishcandy Tiger

    Equipment Pieces -

    Wishcandy Tiger Hair (unisex item, the stars and dots on it sparkle from pink to white)

    Wishcandy Tiger Outfit (unisex item, the stars and dots on it sparkle from pink to white, the tail, and scarf are all a part of the overall)

    Wishcandy Tiger Wishing Rod (the top is a star with wishcandy dangling off of it, the sparkles alternate pink and blue, and the little tiger hunts for candy when you attack, and jumps when you jump, and nibbles candy when you're prone)

    Wishcandy Tiger Socks (unisex item, there are star and dot sparkles on them)

    Note - I did not want to make any of the outfit a cape because I like the idea of adding wings separate from the outfit set, and the socks are separate because of the same reason.
  • TrixelleTrixelle
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    Reserving this spot here! Excited to see others <3
  • FreundFreund
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    edited May 2021
    Edited : Can't make it :v ran out of time.
  • jmiejmie
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    IGN: jmie0001
    World: Reboot
    The Corgi Outfit! (unisex)
    Hat: The Corgi Hat
    Overall: The Chubby Corgi Zip-up
    Cape: The Fluffy Tail
    Shoes: The Corgi Anklet
    Weapon: The Floating Corgi Companion

    I love corgis and Maplestory—why not combine the two? This contest has given me to chance to do just that and I am in LOVE. I wanted to design something causal, but also recognizable to corgi features/characteristics. Rather than a full-on dog costume, I wanted to transform the shape and colors of a corgi into an everyday-wearable outfit. Everyone who adores corgis KNOWS that their fluffy behind is what makes them so cute. I wanted to incorporate that into the hat and make that the front of the hat rather than the back. The grey choker that comes with the zip-up is a play on an actual collar that a corgi would wear. Corgis are usually shoe-less, so I decided on an anklet in place of shoes for this outfit. The weapon is a cute little floating corgi; the companion you’ve been looking for!

    Side note: For the jump/ weapon effect, I do not intend for the black color to be there. It is just there to visually help you see the effect more clearly (:

    I had so much fun designing this, and I hope this gives you a little bit of corgi happiness as well! Thank you Maplestory for hosting this amazing contest!!

  • Angel155232Angel155232
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    reserving spot ;D
  • KiragulKiragul
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    reserve spot reserve spot :3
  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited April 2021
    It's not like we're going to run out of space here...
  • Yuval285Yuval285
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    reserve spot hahahaha
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  • rinsrins
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    ign: bigpooty
    world: reboot (na)

  • Mina_Mina_
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    edited April 2021
    - IGN: MinaJr
    - World: NA Reboot
    - Female: dress(overall) / Male: top & bottom
    - Unisex: hat, shoes and weapon

  • daangqueeniedaangqueenie
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    edited May 2021
    The Hardly Working Set
    An homage to this strange time we're all living in where our worlds of work and at-home comfort collide.

    This set is dedicated to everyone who drags themselves out of bed and puts on their comfiest clothes that can double down as a semi-work appropriate outfit. Fitted with a loose overall flannel, loose socks, trusty maple buds and of course a morning cup of joe, this outfit is sure to get you through the day. (Want to take a closer look? Click Here)


    IGN - Bidonkey
    World - Reboot NA

    Item Details
    Lazy Oversized Flannel (Overall) - A unisex overall with a plain white shirt underneath. The flannel is slightly off-the-shoulder because, well, we're lazy.
    Lazy Loose sock (Shoes) - A pair of socks that you definitely woke up in. Loose, lazy, and extremely comfy.
    Misplaced Glasses (Hat) - At-home glasses that never leave the house. We've all had those moments where we forgot them on our heads, thus making this item a hat and not an eye accessory.
    Morning Joe (Weapon) - Our favourite cup of coffee to get us through the first few minutes of the days. Weapon animation not shown but can be added (example animation: coffee spilling out)
    Maple Buds (Earrings) - Meetings, meetings, meetings. Stay in touch with your virtual colleagues (and Maple friends) with these ear buds.
    Online Status (Cape) - A floating avatar of your character with a status dot that changes colours depending on what your character is doing. Standing still = green (Available), moving around = orange (BRB), sitting = red (Busy).

    I've never drawn in a pixelated/digital style before but I LOVED creating this. Hope you all enjoy it as well~
  • yihannayihanna
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    **EXCLUSIVE FOX SET** SPRITE SHEET https://i.imgur.com/ImhBcfJ.png
    and in case this is too small, a link for a closer look: https://imgur.com/a/ylLTjNO

    IGN: yihanna
    World: NA Reboot

    hat: baby fox bucket hat
    weapon: baby fox plush - please let the doll plop on the floor when sitting LOL and the effects paw prints grow/shrink in sizes as the character breathes, a flurry of snow/sparkles when swinging but not too overdone to obscure what you're attacking
    shoe: baby fox bell - the henesys #teamnoshoes vibe, almost goes unnoticeable, and leaves a trail of floating snow, sparkle, or soft white music notes, evaporating through time
    overall: fox love overall
    face: fox love mask
    eye accessory: exclusive spectacles (touched up politician glasses... iconic since time but I feel has been abandoned nowadays, would love to see these come back as Round Glasses' sibling)
    ear accessory: exclusive helix cuff threader
    gloves: exclusive engraved tag
    cape: exclusive crossbody bag
    ring: exclusive engraved chat ring
    ring: exclusive engraved label ring

    every single pixel was scrutinized and carefully placed... crazy but at the same time, I had a lot of fun! Always wanted an adorable full white set with many flexible value pieces for countless outfits, I hope you guys like it too! I hope the image isn't too small... good luck to all fellow contestants!
  • JoTheWeirdoJoTheWeirdo
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    edited April 2021
    IGN: HawtNoodles
    World: Reboot (NA)

    Outfit name: Horizon Chaser
    Gender: Unisex

    Additional info:
    Hat: Has emotes for several actions such as attacking, sitting, etc... similar to some other head covers.
    Top: The fishnet part on the arm is part of the top and not the glove.
    Bottom: The fishnet part on the leg is part of the bottom and not the shoes.
    Shoes: They leave a trail of small 80's inspired shapes.
    Effect: I was either thinking of having it hover slightly behind the player or have it as a big background effect. I intended to have the edges of the effect fade (like a cloud kinda) but it was hard to see on the picture below, therefore the hard edges.

  • SouriaSouria
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    edited May 2021
    Ign- Norama
    World- Aurora
    Full Illustration
    Outfit Pixelart
    Imgur album (includes transparents)
  • Suzuka96Suzuka96
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    IGN: KurroHime
    World: Scania (NA)

    Hello everyone!

    This is my very first design contest and I am unfamiliar with drawing sprites so it may not look right, but I'm still super excited to share what I came up with!
    The Goldfish Outfit! Below are further details pertaining to each part of the outfit. I hope my illustration and descriptions will work together to get my idea across.

    Goldfish Outfit Set:

    Goldfish Overall (Male/Female):
    The overalls are the only piece in this outfit that is gender specific. The female overall has a skirt that resembles a goldfish tail, while the male overall has shorts that flare out meant to look like fins.

    Goldfish Gloves (Unisex):
    The gloves of the outfit are actually just the sleeves, but when worn together with the overalls it will look like one entire piece.

    Goldfish Shoes (Unisex):
    As for the shoes, they are actually a blue glowy aura under the character's feet meant to look like water. When the player walks, they will leave small golden glows in the water, kind of like footprints being left behind. When the shoes are equipped they also make the character float slightly up and down, to help illustrate the effect of standing on water.

    Goldfish Cape (Unisex):
    The cape for this outfit is meant to almost look like wings, but also the tail of a goldfish. And although I wasn't able to draw it, the idea was to have them constantly flow and flutter behind the character whether they are moving or not to give it a more ethereal and elegant look.

    Goldfish Hat (Unisex):
    The hat is actually three golden glows positioned like a headband on the character's head; with the middle one being the biggest, the right one being medium sized, and the left one being the smallest. As the character walks it will also leave a tiny trail of glows behind.

    Goldfish Weapon:
    The weapon is a small goldfish that will be floating next to the player at all times. What I imagined was for it to have small glows and bodies of water circulating around it naturally when the player is not in combat. When the player attacks, more water will splash out along with bigger golden glows. I've also thought about the jump animation for this weapon and the idea is to have the character enveloped in a large splash of water, while the goldfish will appear to look like it is making a curved jump out of water.


    Thank you for taking the time to look through my design, I hope you liked it! I definitely enjoyed seeing what everyone came up with! Good luck!

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