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DIssapearing NX items for DUTCH players

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edited May 2021 in Bug Reporting
As the title mentioned,

Me, as a dutch player have bought mystery style boxes, as well as NX items from the auction house.
I logg in, the items are gone. The NX is gone, the Meso I spend on the NX items from the AH is gone aswell.

I submitted 2 tickets, over a week ago.
I get a stupid answer, that they are known with the issue.
Yet again there is a new cash shop update, while we get scammed by nexon.
Nothing is done about it, we lose NX and meso.

Only thing nexon cares about is getting more money.


  • SaliziiaSaliziia
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    I have the same issue, items disappeared from my equip/inventory. Fix this pls!
  • GhibleeGhiblee
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    Here to provide an update on the issue where some NX items were not visible in Dutch players' inventory after the v.222 update maintenance.
    After investigation, we've confirmed that the NX items are not lost and it is just not visible in the UI.
    We sincerely apologize for the delay in resolving this issue and will update you on the schedule when this will be addressed.
    Thank you for your patience!
  • MinbioMinbio
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    The issue is fixed!

    Thank you for fixing the issue, developers and staffs!