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One Card Bug

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edited June 2021 in Bug Reporting
Neo Castle Event: One Card Minigame

After entering the "One Card: Lobby" map to wait for three other people, a person disconnected and the three of us were stuck in this map and couldn't get out.

After logging out and logging back in, it said that I left the game prematurely and can't join another game for another 15 minutes.

Please fix this~


  • DiamondSkyyDiamondSkyy
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    edited June 2021
    I literally just had this happen to me.
  • EliseElise
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    The same thing happened to my brother.

    I had a glitch earlier where it loaded up and instead of starting, it just declared me the winner. We all had full cards, so it's definitely a glitch. I'm not sure why it happened either. All I did is load it up like normal.