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Kain Art Contest

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Hiya Maplers!

Kain, the Darkness Chaser, will be available on June 23! Are you ready to uncover the mysteries of the organization as well as the truth behind Kain’s existence? As you indulge in his story and explore Maple World, take some time to draw Kain in your style for a chance to win limited edition Kain Posters and MapleStory Keychains!

(Note: Contest is being held on Official MapleStory Discord and Official MapleStory Forums.)

How to Apply
1. Comment on this Contest post
2. Include the following with your entry
- Your In-game name
- World Name
- Your artwork of Kain

Tips and Criteria
- The artwork must be of MapleStory's Kain character.
- No explicit content is allowed. Please keep it appropriate and PG-13.
- Try to have fun and be creative as you wish!
- There is no dimension requirement, however, please note that winners' artworks will be created into wallpapers. We encourage you to make the art in a manner that will lend itself well to those styles.

Judging Process
- MapleStory Community team will vote and determine 5 winners and 3 honorary mentions.

- 5 Winners
- Kain Poster (Limited Edition)
- One Keychain (Limited Edition) of your choice: Masked Pink Bean or Masked Rock Spirit.
- Winners' art will be created into a wallpaper
- 3 Honorary Mentions
- Kain Poster (Limited Edition)

Submission Dates
June 21st - July 12th 10:00 AM PT


  • Khov97Khov97
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    Hello! here my entry :3 have nice day, i love art contest Maplestory thanks for all!

    - Your In-game name: Zombie69
    - World Name: Luna / Kradia
    - My Art Instagram account: @hospital_for_soulsss /Artistic nickname: Inkhov , Adrián Rullán Cubillas
    - Your artwork of Kain

    Is everything okay? So the only way to share your work is with an Imgur link? is there no way to load the image in this post thread?
  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited July 2021
    Khov97 wrote: »
    Is everything okay? So the only way to share your work is with an Imgur link? is there no way to load the image in this post thread?

    You can get the actual image link from imgur, rather than the image's page, and then it shows.
    I took the liberty of doing that for you. You can click "edit" on your post to see how it was done.
  • GhibleeGhiblee
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    - Submissions Closed for both Forums & Discord-

    Hiya! Thanks to everyone who participated!
    We plan to announce the winners within this week so stay tuned!
  • MoO0OoNMoO0OoN
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    Hello! I figure I'm late today .. but I would like to post it here anyway, hope you like it.

    - Your In-game name: MoO0OoN
    - World Name: NA/Bera
    -kain art : i liek to add A dragon background for the art.

  • GhibleeGhiblee
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    edited July 2021

    Hi Maplers!

    Hope you've leveled up your Kain character and received rewards from Kain's Road to Remembrance event!
    We received stunning (but edgy) art submissions and it's been a sight to see the channel be flooded with Kain's main colors, red and black. We loved going through them but that also means it was a struggle to vote for our winners...
    It was indeed a challenge but we've done it and I'm here to announce our winners and honorary mentions!

    *These are listed in submission order

    Congratulations aerie!
    Loved the overall mood and the clothes/weapon details you've put into Kain and Luska. It depicts their relationship in the story well and we love it!

    Congratulations Alkaru!
    The gray/black and red contrast pops out and definitely caught our attention! Loved the highlight touch on the eyes.. It felt like Kain was staring right through me o-o

    Congratulations Boo!
    Kain is looking cool and love the small details you've put in Kain's Whispershot and his clothes. I like the addition of brighter white/gray in the background, it's a refreshing touch after all that red and black

    Congratulations sgtCicada!
    Wow, what a vibrant red background O.O Kain in all black definitely makes a stunning centerpiece and love the vibe overall. The ink drops, fonts, and everything fits right in together~

    Congratulations กัปตันโลมา!
    Adorable, just adorable! It shows Kain in a different light, enjoying the time with Luska and the Chameleon sibling..

    Now please congratulate our Honorary Mentions!

    Thanks to everyone who participated, I admit we loved every single art pieces.
    Regardless of the winning status, I hope everyone can participate in our future contests!
    Now, we'll reach out to all the winners and honorary mentions about your prizes! Enjoy playing with Kain and we'll see you all next time!
  • Khov97Khov97
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    edited July 2021
    hi, do you have a preference for digital art?