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Phantom Skills

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edited October 2021 in Bug Reporting
The skills that were made passive are now stuck at 0 and no way of assigning points to them. Others are also messed up as well. Some show more points in the skill than the master level.


  • EXdestEXdest
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    edited October 2021
    I used SP Reset Scroll to see if that fixes. Those missing SPs aren't coming back.
  • YurBestTurretsYurBestTurrets
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    edited October 2021
    Bowmasters also have this issue with their new Attack Speed passive. Wild Hunters (at least mine) doesn't have the issue and isn't missing SP.

    To be more specific on the OP, the skills that are missing SP are Cane Acceleration and Bad Luck Ward (for me). My Priere D'aria skill was still maxed at Lv. 30 when I logged onto it.
  • Sh0wPhantomSh0wPhantom
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    Hey , same thing happened to my phantom as well, had to use sp reset and lost around 10-15 sp for 2nd and 3rd job adv skills.
    Also, Priere D'aria skill is bugged animation is actived when used but the buff itself isnt given.
    Sh0wPhantom - Aurora

    Edit: Hyper skills suppose to get reset, which hasn't happen so the new skills got assgined automaticly without any choosing.