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Game crash on FriendStory contact list

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edited October 2016 in Bug Reporting
Sorry! For some reason the thread here didn't pop in my previous searches (probably because of the spam earlier). Can a moderator please remove this thread? :)
Bug type: Game Crash

Summary: When playing friendstory (1st chapter, Where did Cygnus go? quest where you are supposed to call Cygnus), entering the phone's contact list (both through the conatct list button and the phone-call button) crashes the game. I tried 3+ times and it still crashed the game every time - which makes it impossible to complete the quest and advance through FriendStory.

Character name: DealtoDeath

Character level: 186

Character job: Battle Mage

World name: Scania

Date and time of the incident: 24th October 2016, 2:33 PT

(I sure hope this post doesn't get buried under the spam attack...)