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What’s Your Favorite Legend of Zelda Games?

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess.


  • rizariza
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    breath of the wild it seem more epic also i like being to throw my sword at my enemies ;) also being able to be more savage in battle
  • cmssdcmssd
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    Twilight Princess is my all time favorite, Majora's Mask is a close second
  • DaxterbeerDaxterbeer
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    Faces of Evil
  • EyesFityEyesFity
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    Skyward Sword was a fantastic game.

    Despite the fact that many people disliked the motion controls and the limited overworld, I found it enjoyable. The idea of the game being the first in the Zelda timeline, and how it represented the beginning of generations of adventure and Hyrule itself, was fascinating to me. The actions of this game determine the fate of future incarnations of Link, Zelda, and Demise (who reincarnates as Ganondorf).
  • EndeaverzEndeaverz
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    Twilight Princess, Majora's Mask, Breath of the Wild.
  • BlasterMasterBlasterMaster
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    Breath of the Wild.
  • Neocity_Traveler8Neocity_Traveler8
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    I'd say Wind waker with honorable mention for Skyward sword