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Majour Halloween Shopping Bug

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edited October 2022 in Bug Reporting
Halloween Shopping will automatically cancel itself which makes it impossible to actually get the shopping done.

Also, the event should be 28 days, not 14 days because it is impossible to get the items with 14 days even hard focused on only a certain type of shopping.


  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited October 2022
    The bug with the 16-hour shopping has been forwarded.

    The duration of the event is intended. In CMS, at least, it is a recurring event, so we will be able to try to obtain the items we miss this year, next year.

    Also, please note that the names and descriptions of the collection rewards for the Halloween furnishings, are misleading. They are actually blueprint sets, not furnishings. That being so, the best strategy is probably to completely ignore the 16-hour shopping trips, and focus on trying to obtain as many unique Halloween furnishings as possible, as that will give the blueprints as well.
  • HalFlameVHalFlameV
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    edited October 2022
    No the actual good Halloween blueprints can only be obtained from the 16 hour shopping trips. So It's very upsetting that it doesn't work, it needs to be fixed immediately, especially since this event doesn't last long, what a joke.
  • CrystalOraCrystalOra
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    edited October 2022
    I also had the 16 hour shopping reset on me.
  • Dnaman101Dnaman101
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    edited October 2022
    Because of this bug alone with event needs to be longer...which I thought before this was even a problem