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Defeating Chaos Vellum under 180 second

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edited August 2023 in Bug Reporting
I have clear the Chaso Vellum in 1 minutes/ 60 sec, but when i exit the door, it says I defeated 83063 second. This is impossible. please advise. This is very frustrated.
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  • iBundanceiBundance
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    edited August 2023
    I also cleared on my Character " False Star " and it said i took 86400 seconds while my party member got his completed.
  • CrystalOraCrystalOra
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    edited August 2023
    I went before the week changed with a party of burning characters. One of us received the clear, I did not see a notice at all and the main attacker was told he failed with a crazy high number of seconds. I went again after the week reset with the other person who did not clear and he was the main attacker. This time I completed in 67 seconds but he failed with some crazy high number of seconds showing on his pop up.