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What would one want.

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I'm a old person (not really, but 25 is sorta..) who both played gms from it's beta ending times, aswell explorered other worlds, then went to ems for the joy of seeing what it would become. I've just gotten back to gms, with this whole migration thing and it seems really enjoyable.. (atleast it's not that empty anymore c: ). With that being said, i would always make adventure classes to main - play. but seeing as i'm currently in reboot, i wanted to walk a different path, a new path that i've yet to experience in a sense. We all know that link skills should be just taken to 120 or 210 (for the more daring ones). I know from playing those links and gotten them to 100-120 ish. that i had a few enjoyable classes and less enjoyable classes. I know that i really liked to play kanna, angel buster, luminous (to a degree) and a little mercedes.

But enough of all that, i've decided to go with Beast Tamer and/or angel buster. I'm not sure how much i will enjoy beast tamer, as i never really got the chance to play it. Angel buster have always been rather interesting and it was definitely most fun after you reached 3rd job.

What i want to ask for, is what you would suggest for links, character cards and what potentials i should focus on for beast tamer - angel buster (i.e % stats vs % attack and so on. generally what order i should focus on that part). For the equip part. I would usually just use clean items and such, or buy items from the marketplace (which reboot doesnt support that much, the buying part).



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    just a heads up, they nerfed AB if i recall.
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    Beast Tamer is what I'll suggest on as I play mostly Mage classes [that and I wasn't too fond of AB]

    so for starts, some of my suggestions will be based off use in both link skill and character card useage.

    so as a mage, using a mage deck makes sense right?

    1) BT [as you'll already have it, the card is useful]

    2) Battle Mage - you'll get the link skill that all Resistance characters have, and the BaM's card lessens damage taken from enemies.

    3) Evan - another decent link skill [ups the duration of rune effects, and from what I've noticed, this includes the EXP buff] and the card has a 70% chance to heal X% of your MP bar while attacking.

    the mage deck ups your dmg based off your MP bar.

    So with that out of the way, we'll point out that being in Reboot that you want to boost your damage in general, so I'd suggest a Pirate Deck.

    1) Thunder Breaker - again a double plus - you'll get the Cygnus link skill, it'll give a buff via Empress's Blessing and the character card ups damage based of the playing character's level.

    2) Mechanic - another resistance character, this one is mostly for the card which ups the duration of your buffs. If you don't feel this is useful, then I'd consider the Cannoneer from the explorers as it has a good link skill too & its card lessens exp loss upon KO'd.

    3) Shade - this card ups your minimum and max critical damages by a %. The link skill is all chance.

    I'd go into a warrior deck - however the issue with Reboot is you don't get Zero....which is hard to replace in the build I use.

    so other link skills that are of use:

    Demon Slayer - ups boss damge
    Demon Avenger - ups "general" damage, character card ups boss damage.
    Kanna - ups "general damage", card ups boss dmg
    Hayato - ups base stats [int/luk/etc] and attack powers [both wpn and magic], character card ups minimum crit dmg
    Aran - character card is like Evan, but with HP instead. Link ups exp gain from those "marbles" that spawn while killing stuff.

    Lumi - ignore def link skill, has a simple +X INT card.
    Phantom - ups crit rate, card adds a % to meso count from mob drops.

    IF anything, I'd suggest a "HERO" deck for your third deck, and use Lumi, Phantom, and Aran/Evan for it [if you use Evan for the hero deck, then use either an Ice/Lightning Mage or a Blaze Wizard for the +X magic dmg per character level].

    hope this helps.