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urgent rollback to cause of excesive lag in game

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edited December 2016 in General Chat
the game is lag , the events og db exp and db drop and crash whit dc. force to the day of today tuesday check the game. by example are the 11:27pm and none in dimension pq and bosses can play normal to cause, of excesive lag in its days , the event of the nodestone and other event coins v are impossible to do to cause of lag tremendous, the game literally bad whit bugs and dcs in tot know. in fm. in battle whit bosses. in sell and buy items in the stores and so manys other more due to the lag general of the game, please we need a fix definitive to it , manys players returned to the game after years and months for check that our dear game continues with bugs and lag, please dears gms and nexon staff


  • serveyou123serveyou123
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    No need to roll back for what...

    Nexon will try there best to pull another "Minor" patch which will only last 12 hours to 2 days to fix all of your lag issue. If it it doesn't get fix in the following 2 days of down time. OneLetter (the one who got KThxBaiNao fired) will also get fired and they will do another 12 hours minior patch to fix everything.

    Have fun~ and please buy more NX and spin that marvel!!!

    Make Nexon Great Again!
  • MaryseMaryse
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    A rollback's not needed for this.
  • JaridavinJaridavin
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    Rolling back should only be performed for situations that cannot be fixed any other way. Nobody likes roll back actions. It makes everything they did pointless. Not to mention if they just came out now saying they're pulling it back 5 days, then the lack of warning can result in needed refunds, since there would be plenty of people losing NX items from such an action.

    Rolling back is for things like Mabi's black robe situation. Not because a server lagged.
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    edited December 2016

  • Kylehell007Kylehell007
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    so basically, your using the ideation of a 10-year olds grammatical typing style to persuade Nexon(or community(ok?)) that your server induced ddos attacks your causing to dupe items and crash shops and other fun stuff lag does accidentally but commonly in this amount. Oh and lets not forget the massive influx/movement of rare items I mean RARE items coming in like a lava flow with marvel ongoing, lets definitely take the time to reroll back peoples marvel spins too, only fair right? I mean if servers lagging= rollback and screw everyone's progress they've made since last server down time, only civil minded and not close minded nor sociopathically delirious thinking at all. Obv thinking for the community, not yourself I respect that "much very"..did I say that right?
  • EverythingSlayerEverythingSlayer
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    edited December 2016
    Hey, just because you haven't considered the fact that some people don't know English fluently, doesn't mean that you can bag them out for it, especially when you yourself can't spell or use the correct words either. This doesn't mean that I agree with ruth02 though. Rollback isn't needed at all.
  • Lucsean99Lucsean99
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    Geez I'm the master for bad grammatical errors [44% going to into English final exam came out with a 52%] it just shows I had a rough time during my years as a teenager. Rollbacks are ONLY needed when an item has been duped and sold constantly, meaning you get your money back if you bought an insanely GREAT tyrant cape.
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