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ChairStory V: Design-A-Chair Contest


  • Gordon98Gordon98
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    M1mu_Chan said:

    (first version) (The chair FOR the entery of this contest)
    Final version
    In game preview:
    The V space-
    after years of Training and a long and exhuosting journey You have finally reached your destination and have been able to acquire the Ability of traveling through Time and Space-and from one place to another in a snap. Your Trusted Companion will escort you from now on at your future paths.
    this chair took me 100 frames and 150 layers, took me 5-6 hours of making this Chair Animation, hope you guys like it.
    World: Bera
    Name: Mimuchii.

    Extra Design made Traditionaly and not "V" Themed -just for fun
    In game preview:
    on the way to your 5th job advencement you have pass a critical obstacle, the Trio Mushie. on succsseeding the mission u get the "Giant Trio Mushie Chair".
    this chair Is the Proof of your success on your path to greatness, like the enormous size of this Mushroom.
    This chair was inspired by the enormous Chairs that became a hit for the maple world chairs collectors.
    I really love the Huge chairs nexon developers make for us, this specifically inspired be the "Shroom buddy Chair" which is an oldie chair and one of the first chairs I have started my collection with!

    Wow cool chair! I like it ! I would like to sit on it, The drawing is also nice, cute concept. I like.

  • M1mu_ChanM1mu_Chan
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    ClawStaff said:

    @KingStarfire Ah, I could've sworn it said November 30 before, ah well, must've misread.
    Same. I though the contest until november 30th O_o;
  • BiniBini
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    ClawStaff said:

    @KingStarfire Ah, I could've sworn it said November 30 before, ah well, must've misread.
    Nah, you're right. It said November 30 before. Apparently, they love changing dates and information lol.
  • KingStarfireKingStarfire
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    Banto said:

    ClawStaff said:

    @KingStarfire Ah, I could've sworn it said November 30 before, ah well, must've misread.
    Nah, you're right. It said November 30 before. Apparently, they love changing dates. lol
    not to mention time zones
  • MimimiMimimi
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    Let's admit it. You're going to be playing this game forever after this update so you may as well look great while you're at it.
    JOKING!! I couldn't think of another one.

    TOP: single look (just the chair-- exclude the glow and dais)
    BOTTOM: complete set effect
    ...wait... the leather is supposed to be BLACK!! I meant for it to be black! Not gray TT-TT

    Set effect notes:
    - When two or more players sit together on this kind of chair (and facing the left direction; effect will not occur if they are not facing the same direction?), it will lock into place and change colour depending on position.
    - First person to sit will be on the blue chair, then purple second, yellow third, green forth, and lastly, red. (no bias intended. The order may be changed. I don't mind)
    - When five players sit together, the giant 'V' logo appears (animated lightning bolts and the 'V' pulses)

    How to obtain:
    Hot Day box! I would like everyone to be able to get it

    A blurb about my creation:
    I love you Maplestory, but I hate you as well. You destroy my productivity but I keep coming back to you. When my friend told me about this contest, I thought: maybe I should embrace my gamer side. I'LL MAKE A GAMING CHAIR!

    Credits go to Nexon and Bannedstory for the things on it that I did not make. I only designed/made the chair and title thing
  • brytzbrytz
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    Name of the chair: power eruption
    Is a volcano erupting all the energy of the 5th job. In the cloud this is the symbol of the 5th job and thunder. In the volcano there are light blue or neon cracks.
    This chair represents all the power we will get with the 5th job.
    You will get the chair after using your new skills in chaos zakum 5 times.
    name of character: idralf
    world: broa
  • ZunatoraZunatora
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    Hearing about how futuristic the V update is, I tried to take a full on futuristic approach. The chair that I designed is inspired by the new area, The Vanishing Journey, as well as some of the NPCs that are found there. I originally imagined the fifth job advancement to be one that required stepping into some futuristic capsule that upgraded your abilities and strength, and that’s where I came up with the idea for my chair. It was invented by the residents of Vanishing Journey, and therefore one of them would be standing next to it. It get’s it’s neon blue glow from the arcane power that runs it. The blue glow from within the capsule would flash on and off while being sat in.

    How To Get It: The 5th Job Capsule Chair would either be a hot day prize or be rewarded after obtaining 5th job.


    Character: BSteph
    World: Arcania (GRAZED)
  • TwizzzlersTwizzzlers
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    imageDesign A V Chair Entry

    Here is the link of the pictures: http://imgur.com/a/mFkiq

    If you sit on your class your chair will glow that color.

    How do you get the equipment:

    The chair would be in a Hot Time Event! If your lucky you can received this awesome chair that would remind you of the V Update!

    The Story:

    Once Upon a Time in the lands of Maple World their was these 5 classes that came together and showed off there new skills to the world of Maplestory. These classes were Pirate, Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief. Each of the classes has new skills and abilities to fight off these new monsters that took over Maplestory. The new Boss Lucid ( Master of NIghtmares ) was very strong but these classes were very intelligent and they took this new boss out and became stronger with the experience they received from this Big Bad Boss! When the Hot Time comes Maplers can remember the time they took out Lucid if they get this lucky chair in the Box.

    How it Fits into MapleWorld:

    It fits into MapleWorld because the 5 classes are on top of the chair and if you are 1 of the 5 classes they are represented to honor these classes that maplers chosen to be. It is also a chair that shows the V Update with very high tech blue.

    Why is my Chair Unique:

    It is very unique because I hand made it myself by using the following items

    - Glitter Glue
    - Styrofoam piecies
    - Styrofoam Board
    - Cotton Balls with colors
    - Flowers that represent ( Maple leaves that represent each class)
    - Little beads to decorate the front of the chair
    - Fuzzy String ( Pipe Cleaner)

    Description of each piece:

    The front piece represents a pipe cleaner with the 5 classes represented on the chair. I also used the maple pieces to represent my favorite classes Magician and Pirate. I used glitter glue and paint to paint the front of the chair with dots. The V shaped represents the update.

    The side piecies represents a arm rests with different cotton ball colors. It also has different colors on the side for decoration.

    The middle piece has blue cotton ball pillows so your character can have a cozy experience while sitting in the chair. I also put blue glitter glue on top. In the middle I put maple leaves for each class. If you sit on your class your chair will glow that color. P.S. I didn't have a green piece but if your a Bowman it will glow green.

    The bottom piece shows the theme of the chair. I wanted to make it blue/white to represent a blueish white so it can make it extra special for the maplers. I have glitter glue and blue beads on them.

    IGN: Officey
    World: Scania
    Location: East Coast, USA

    p.s - I used Deviantart for the glow of the colors.

    I hope you like my handcrafted chair and wish the others goodluck!!

  • CraftyPixelCraftyPixel
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    ~* My Entry! *~
    Sorry for posting a lot of images...

    - Character : CraftyScythe [Aran] , World : Reboot
    - Location : USA.

    - Designed this to resemble the appearance of the ' Arcane River , Lake of Oblivion ' ( where you get the 5th job advancement ).
    I used rocks and crystals, because I thought it would look exciting to sit in.

    - Description : Statue designed to celebrate the 5th Job. (Permanent) ;)

    - How to get : * Get it free through accepting gift when logging in.

    Chair design : image http://i.imgur.com/b7IRvMG.png - With fading . , image
    - Without fading .

    Chair preview : image http://i.imgur.com/EdINB7U.png - What you see in the inventory...
    Chair being used : image http://i.imgur.com/S4zwhfq.png - How it looks when used. * the chair picture is old, but the player is in the place they would sit. *
    Chair animation : image
    - Things moving With fading . Didn't export it in the cleanest way. :/, so animation process is below.
    Chair animation process : image http://i.imgur.com/hbkXqXF.png - Numbers = Frame . right click and open image in new tab to see full image, or download .

    - if this is too complicated, help me to fix anything please , ty..
  • EverqueeneEverqueene
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    The Power-Up Chair
    -Character Name : Kaerin
    -World : Broa
    -Location : USA

    Quest and Lore:

    With the release of the 5th job, the scientists of the alliance has been experimenting with nodestones in order to explore their skill and strength enhancing abilities. Their research has revealed that using nodestones produces a strange glowing residue. Everyone’s favorite fuzzy mechanic, Checky, thinks he’s found a way to harness the power of the left-over nodestone residue in order to create a device that will help to power up new recruits from level 1 to 200 in no time! There’s only one problem… Monsters have been eating all the nodestone residue collected by the alliance! Checky thinks the monsters who raided their stores looked about 10 levels below to 15 levels above your level… How serendipitous! Checky says that if you can bring him enough nodestone residue to power up the machine, he’ll give you a prototype version of the device. Time to get hunting!


    Version 5 of Checky’s power-up device features an ergonomic hover platform which holds the user suspended while the nodestone residue is used to power them up, a holographic TV to keep the user entertained, and a control panel on the side to adjust the settings of the machine.

    Hovering inside Checky’s power-up prototype machine, you feel incredible power coursing through your veins as a strength you’ve never known before begins to rise within you! This power… Could this be the true strength of a 5th job player? Or is that just your HP and MP recovering…?

    Chair Design:

    If the image doesn't load:

    I'd like to animate this chair to make the neon lines and V logo pulse as though there is a current running through them, make the character hover up and down a bit, and have the screens for both the hologram and the control panel change images, buuuuuuut, I don't really know how to animate things. I'd also like to make the little specks of energy float upwards in a spark or flame-like motion, but we'll see if I can get there. I am working on it though and if I can figure out how to do it properly, I'll create an updated animated version.
  • ZeruisZeruis
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    If the picture won't load: http://imgur.com/a/SyBiu

    IGN: Aishune
    World: Reboot

    How to Obtain: You are given this after you complete the main storyline of Arcane River.

    Description: After all the chaos in the Arcane River, you can finally sit down and relax. Sit with the River Person(is that what they're called?) and enjoy the view of the stars and the Tree of Memories. Maybe if you stare long enough, you can even see the memories of the villagers...? Try not to fall in the water!

    -The boat is floating up and down on the water.
    -The stars in the sky and the river are shimmering.
    -The water is flowing.

    I got really lazy when it came to coloring the player character...sorry if it looks weird or out of place. I also couldn't fit in a neon V without making it look off.

    I don't have the skills nor the resources to animate the chair myself so please forgive me. This is my first time doing something like this and I hope it turns out well! Feel free to add or change anything!

    I had to post this again since the forums got rolled back earlier today.
  • RagRagRagRag
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    Heroes Emerge V5 chair
    Requirements for obtain this chair
    Obtain a character any job level 200
    Complete the V Job Advanced

    What is the story?
    Many years have passed and our heroes have fought to maintain peace in Maple world. However, the forces of evil every day are stronger, this chair is the commemoration for the fifth Job, Thanking the effort and dedication of Maplestory players for making peace reign in this world.

    How does it fit into Maple World?
    Yes, it fits into the maple world, this chair is the support of the Cygnus warriors to increase our power!!



    IGN: Jonacoco
    World: Yellonde
  • NoWayWeiNoWayWei
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    Server: Nova
    IGN: Dark0bright

    This is the Core Chair! (Aka nodestone core chair). This was inspired by my dedicated grinding in Arcane River Road of Vanishing. With 120% drop rate gear and a winter coupon drop rate, I still can only manage to get at minimum of 1 node stone core every 30 minutes which can get extremely frustrating considering that I am a luminous and I hit the whole map, yet the drop rate is still extremely low, so I can understand how unhappy maplers with no drop rates are doing.

    With this new contest, I decided to create the Core Chair. The animation looks just like when a player opens a node stone and it explodes revealing the skill. Well for this chair, the node stone will explode and out comes the maplestory character! He will pop out and land on the floor, then jump up again and the explosion will be reversed and the maplestory character goes back into the core, this creating an infinite loop!

    That stats will be just like any chair recover 50 mp and 50 hp every 10 seconds, but here is what gets interesting...FOR EVERY 30 MINUTES THAT YOU SIT ON THE CHAIR, YOU GET 1 NODESTONE! I am sure those maplers with no drop rate gear will be every happy about this! Of course then people will afk like crazy so there will be a restriction... players who sit on the chair can get a maximum of 10 stones per day (5 hours). Effect only activates in arcane areas.

    How do you get this equipment?
    This equipment should be given to players who has finished 5th job pre-quest along with finishing road of vanishing quest line in Lake of Oblivion. Once finished, you can receive the reward from Rona located in Lake of Obilivion Namless Town.

    What’s the story?
    Rona says: "Dear Mapler! Look how far you have grown! I'm thankful for your help and I'm sure you must be tired of fighting the Erdas constantly! As a token of my application I will give you the Core Chair so you can reset before going into battle! Replenish your strength as you continue to move on during your journey!

    How does it fit in Maple World?
    I definitely feel that this chair fits maple world extremely well. Any player who has reached lvl 200 and finished the pre-quest will always be seeing themselves opening node stones. I am sure all maplers will become even eager to continue playing and progressing deeper into the story for they know that they still have a chance to obtain nodestones to grow stronger!
    The design is based of the node stone which all lvl 200+ players will see constantly, and it is simple enough where it can easily be implemented into the game while not causing lag. The animation gives it a nice touch as well.
    With this chair, even if the effect doesn't apply, at least maplers will be able to see themselves "opening node stones" which might provide satisfaction and encourage them to farm more stones!

    This was hand drawn frame per frame, black and white, but the color will be the same as the nodestones. The character will will appear in jump position and will fall down in a talk stance, then jump up again as it enters back into the core.
  • DaxterbeerDaxterbeer
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    IGN: Daxterbeer


    The V Ski Trail is a mobius shaped ski trailed with the V logo hovering in the center of the chair. Your character would be rolling in a snowball endlessly. Any players sitting in the vicinity will be captured by your snowball. The curious Yeti is sill trying to find the owner of those footprints :P.

    This is chair is obtainable from Gachapon.

    Chair's name: El Nath V Ski Resort

    Recovers 500MP and HP every ten seconds.

    This chair is HUGE.

  • Timelesstrix0Timelesstrix0
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    hmm.... i hope someone comes up with a chair that gives effects better then hp/mp recovery
  • ElfElf
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    This chair is obtained through completing your 5th job advancement. It is the fallen power of the V, but once you advance to 5th job, it revives through your energy and power. The first link is what the chair would look like with a single player sitting on it, the fallen V chair. The second link is the V chair but with 2 heroes sitting on the fallen V chair next to each other. Both of them combine create a massive and destructive power of V, so overwhelming it makes whoever's sitting want to F5.
  • NoWayWeiNoWayWei
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    hmm.... i hope someone comes up with a chair that gives effects better then hp/mp recovery
    take a look at my chair than :D the effect is more than just hp/mp :D It's the nodestone chair on page 16
  • YükiYüki
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    - Description/Story: I wanted my chair to symbolize the "powering up" theme of the V Event. So, I drew this glass containment orb thing to show how players were limited before, but with the new update, the expansion of technological capabilities empower the players (hence the electricity sparks and cloud of digital design). In addition, if I could animate, I would've animated the electric sparks and the soft glow from the atmospheric affect... :/ (I really wanted a chair with an atmospheric effect, since I really adore those)

    -How you get this: Maybe you can get this chair after completing your 5th job, or after finishing the Arcane River story line?

    -How it fits in Maple World: I did not want the chair to be too large, or too small. So, I tried to draw the chair with reasonable dimensions :)
  • jennijenni
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    V Marble Chair
    I was inspired by the V theme shop in MapleStory and I tried to make a chair fitting to the V theme. The chair is made from shiny marble and rotates when you sit on it.
    Perhaps the chair can be obtained from the shop or with 5th job advancement.
  • PetePete
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    I am submitting an entry for my friend Hoonie. He isn't able submit himself because he just opened a forum account today and he needs to wait a least one week to enable commenting.


    Server: Scania

    Character: Hoonie

    How to Obtain:
    After getting the 5th Job Advancement, the Mapler has to go to all their old job advancement instructors and cheer for this new update!

    "After a long wait, 5th job is finally here. Let's celebrate and rejoice for this new update!"

    - Want the V-bot to be interactive with the Maplers. The V-Bot will display the same facial expression as the Mapler's expression. For example, when the Mapler is smiling, the V-Bot will display on his monitor screen ":D" and when the Mapler is crying, the V-Bot will display "T-T".
    - Also, every 1 hour the Mapler sits on the V-Bot, he/she gets +100 exp boost on one of their traits (randomized).

    Chair name: V-Bot Chair

    Materials Used: Copic markers and Prismacolor Pencils on Strathmore White Bristol Paper
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