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Vote for Arcane River!

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Yesterday, we released the first of 3 new regions, Vanishing Journey, to all Maplers to explore and enjoy! That's not the only region within Arcane River however, as there are two more regions set to release in the near future. We want to know, which of the new regions you're most excited about, and have set up this special poll for our community.


Vote in the poll and let us know!
  1. Which new region excites you the most?139 votes
    1. Vanishing Journey (Dec 15th)
       14% (20 votes)
    2. Chu Chu Island (Dec 28th)
       29% (40 votes)
    3. Lachelein (Jan 4th)
       57% (79 votes)


  • OneLetterOneLetter
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    Time to vote!
  • The Blue CorsairThe Blue Corsair
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  • CalwynCalwyn
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    Chu chu ru chu ru chu chu chu~
  • TanyaTanya
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    edited December 2016
    All of these look fantastic but I am most excited for Lachelein!!
  • EstrayaEstraya
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    edited December 2016
    they renamed Lachelein :(
  • LasuliLasuli
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    edited December 2016
  • DekeloniDekeloni
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    Chu chu's Island OST is just brilliant.
  • Magicist_PyjamasMagicist_Pyjamas
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    I absolutely love the music in Vanishing Journey.
    Love the storyline (read in Orange Mushroom Blog) about it.
    I love the music and storyline in Lachelein.

    So, in short, I love every region, but Lachelein is probably the best one. However, it will be the most difficult region to access because you need to be lv 220
  • FatZeroFatZero
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    None of them i would enjoy, if nexon doesnt fix the lag issue on Reboot
  • xparasite9xparasite9
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    Estraya said:

    they renamed Lachelein :(
    On unknown roads thou must not try
    To ford a stream if it be high.
    But if it’s shallow and clear,
    Pass over without fear.

    Be careful every one to greet
    Whom on thy travels thou mayst meet;
    And if any gray-bearded man
    Will teach thee manners, as such men can,
    Be sure to follow him, word and deed;
    Despise him not, as I thee reed.
    One special counsel, son, is mine:

    Wherever thou, for favor’s sign,
    Canst win a good woman’s ring or smile,
    Take them, thy sorrows to beguile.
    Canst kiss her too, by any art,
    And hold her beauty to thy heart,
    ’Twill bring thee luck and lofty mood,
    If she chaste is, and good.

    Lachelein, the proud and bold,
    Won from thy princes of old--
    I'd have thee know, O son of mine --
    Two lands that should be fiefs of mine,
    Waleis and Norgals,
    One of thy princes, Turkentals,
    Received his death from this foe's hands;
    And on thy people he threw bands.