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Would you be okay if Nexon decided for one month.


  • gamechangergamechanger
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    AznboiE said:

    would be gr8 if TESPIA was still around for players to test the update a few weeks early before it hits the real servers.
    Tespia was abused to hell and back by GMS players (this shouldn't really surprise anyone though). Instead of reporting bugs to Nexon, they would actively look for exploits and dupes that Nexon hadn't already caught, keep it a secret, and abuse it when the patch went live. Due to sheer greed in this game, it was actually worse off with TESPIA running
  • VinsaneVinsane
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    Any seconds thoughts on my suggestions?
  • BarfonwhalesBarfonwhales
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    nope. realistically speaking if they want to continue milking the players for money they need to fix it ASAP. people are likely to quit and not come back and spend money on NX when they can't even play due to the excessive lag. i just bought nx but haven't spent any of it yet due to this lag and if it wasn't lagging trust me i would have probably bought more by now.