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Nexon inequality.

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Nexon continues to give males the crap end of royals every rotation. There are so many male players yet they keep putting in this garbage, like really. I don't want Luminous hair in my damn Royals. I want equality and new hair/faces just like the females. In KMS every new style that comes out has a male and female option yet only ever the female option comes out. Like, guys want to look good too, why are we being treated like garbage? New hairs = more money made, but I guess you can be trash for more weeks to come.
  1. What do you prefer?9 votes
    1. New hairs/faces for males
       56% (5 votes)
    2. Inequality. Cause Nexon
       44% (4 votes)


  • NarpsNarps
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    Is this really a problem? Lol.
    I would focus on the broken game before your appearance.