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What is your fav class and why?


  • OverArchOverArch
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    Defintely Aran. I love the class conceptually (A powerful warrior that's not wearing 200 lbs of armor and swings around an awesome polearm) and I love playing it too, although I'm not fully sold on the post revamp version of the character. First hero and best hero, and I love the female design of Aran so I'm really glad they cemented that as her real design.
  • WillScarletWillScarlet
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    no love for kinesis? I kinda like him... because I like Physics and his skills are kinda flashy... plus the fact that he can use new animation style isn't too bad and dear lordy his theme music is just so GOOOOOOOOOD
  • SrcionSrcion
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    I lke Xenon for its sad yet fun storyline . Black Heaven broke me ;_; feels .
  • GlirotusGlirotus
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    My current favorite is Wild Hunter though a few weeks ago it was Nightwalker then weeks before that it was Aran then few weeks before that it was Mechanic. Overall: I cannot choose, I pick a new main just as much as I change clothes which is every day lol.

    Here is why now I like WH though tomorrow I can say that I like DK which is a good class as well.

    I like using my mount, familiar, and captured monsters to crowd the map and fight with me. His skills and speed are fast and it makes for an enjoyable training session. His bossing is phenomenal. I say main this class if you like an alternative to Beast Tamers which are also a good class =D
  • KerqxonKerqxon
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    For me its either Bowmaster or Zero(Since I love the Story and how Alpha Foiled Will's Plans 10 times) Bowmaster because well its got Insane Recovery also Arrow platter and 2 line hurricane is a broken combo(you do Absurd amounts of damage, the only problem i have with the class is that you need a lot of range to do endgame bosses, ie Chaos Vellum.) But Bowmaster is still fun to play as regardless(I don't hate any class with the exception of Jett{Pathetic DPS and horrible storyline} and Angelic Buster{for 1 you can't do Bosses with inv frames like dorthy and secondly The Class is lacking in the dps which makes not that fun to play as})
    Also I like Beast Tamer due to the Unique System of Upgrading skills it has(Bear is really good for grinding)
  • IvangoldIvangold
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    So when i firstly started Maple Story(it was in Brasil Maple story, over 6 years ago) i remember i picked Bishop just because i could heal people, i could level super fast after i got lv70 and HS(4job with genesis was OP), i still can't stand people without full hp.... and i also learned how to buff properly after people wanting HS so much, even tought i don't main a bishop anymore it still have a special place in my heart, most suportive class in the game xD.
  • MalvonMalvon
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    I'd say Mechanic Class if i had to pick one since they are damn fun to play as, Has got lots of robots to drop on the map which are great for utility ie can teleport, heal, damage, trap, buff and also gets to ride around in a sweet mech. So gotta love that. :)
  • iamfulliamfull
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    Jetts are my favorite class cause they go really fast, and no one can beg me for carries.
  • ZalodoreZalodore
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    Dual Blades man, highest avoidability! Those flashy mobbing skill, and the late game boss damage if funded.
    Definitely a Dual Blade!!!
  • MidgardsormrMidgardsormr
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    Although my current main is Phantom, mages all the way. Any mage class is fun and we get cool animations for them.
    Now I need a Battle Mage...
  • RaymondclericRaymondcleric
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    Never really liked Cygnus knights.. but I guess I love blaze wizard. In a satirical sense, lets me burn dudes.
  • Hungry4PizzaHungry4Pizza
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    I mained a Hero up to the Unleashed update and he was my favorite for a very long time.

    My current favorite is Zero because of the storyline and undeniably unique combat style, Controlling 2 characters at once? Damn right!
    Anyone else read those hilarious skits between Alpha, Beta, Lapiz and Lazuli? There are some that actually made me laugh whole heartedly.
    Absolute Gold. But its the gameplay and story which really sell the character to me, It's the Transcendent of Time and his 5th job allows you ACTUALLY STOP TIME. No really, you get to STOP TIME.
    Like a real Transcendent.

    If forced to only play 1 class for the rest of time,
    I'd have to choose Zero.
    Fennekin said:

    Angelic Buster! I always did sorta like playing uncommon-ish classes. It's why I played xbowman way back in the day. Though with so many classes now, there are a lot of classes you don't normally see too much of lol. AB's also cute, flashy, and mobile. And has a great questline to follow. I even SS'd all the dialogue so I can reread it for lulz any time lol. Though I do that for every class I play.
    I remember my AB, I had always enjoyed Escalade and his hilarious interactions with my AB.
    Doesn't he say something about how he enjoys seeing her dress up and dance around for his own enjoyment or something. /Lol
    Escalade, What a guy. Great comic relief. Good fun.
    Toymaker said:


    The mobility, the mid-range sanrenzan 4th job+, being capable of having 100% crit & self-sustain (% chance to regain hp), able to chain skills, etc.
    Honestly, I really enjoyed the play-style of this class. I would have quit and never returned if Nexon didn't bring this class from JMS..

    Yeah man, I hear you. Hayato's combo's are so quick and hes so mobile. Not to mention the invincibility frames are so nice: It's like actually dodging attacks by timing it with invincible frames.
    It's like like a fighting game.
    Hes got a bossing stance, Hes got mobbing, Hes got speed, lines, and damage, Hes got a Drain skill for sustainability. I can totally understand why the class is so favored, and I personally enjoy the difficulty of having so many combat skills to choose between. Very fast paced combat

    Demons are really high up on the list for showing the greatest amount of character depth and backstory. His appearance and significance in Heroes of Maple furthered added on to his personna.
    Hell yeah man, I remember that scene youre thinking of. That was great character growth for Demon. Heroes of Maple really did expand on who the Demon is and what he cares about. Good stuff.
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    The Pink Bean Class.