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Nexon NA Doesn't listen to us Players At all !!!!

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edited March 2017 in Rants and Raves
What's the point of having a forum if NexonNA is still doesn't listening to us.

Every bug/glitch/suggestion has been swept under the rug and got no answer or a fix and etc,,,,,,,,,,,

for example: i have reported a bug for the several 2 Years now, and it's STILL hasen't been fixed! 2 YEARS LATER!!!!

then i ask you fellow players, why should i keep playing Global MapleStory if nexon doesn't give an F about US the players, why should we spend our hard earnd money on a game that even doesn't do BASIC THINGS RIGHT AND HAS A TON OF BUGS/GLITCHES/ETC.....
  1. Should NexonNA start listening to US The Players ?19 votes
    1. Yes, They should have started LISTENING TO US PLAYERS YEARS AGO!!!!
       68% (13 votes)
    2. No NexonNA doesn't want our hard earn Money.
       0% (0 votes)
    3. Ha! ha! Ha! LOL NexonNA Won't ever listen to us players, your dreaming buddy. LOL
       32% (6 votes)