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Look of the Month contest: May


  • ContrastContrast
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    Duzz wrote: »



    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    • Hayato's Helmet (Hat)
    • Arkarium's Beard (Face)
    • Michaela's Glasses (Eye Acc)
    • Beaded Cross Earrings (Ear Acc)
    • Red Mantle (Overall)
    • Metus (Weapon)
    • Falcon Wing Sentinel Gloves (Gloves)
    • Red Hunter Shoes (Shoes)
    • Sirius Cape (Cape)

    What look you're going for (theme):
    I was mostly inspired by the Japanese samurai archer theme. At least that's what my look eventually morphed into. I like hanging out in Mushroom Shrine and other old-world Japan inspired places in MapleStory.

    I like to think that my character is a retired samurai relaxing in the Maple World, saving it whenever there's trouble and giving wisdom and assistance to unseasoned noobies/travelers.

    Also, I really like that my character is very clean and non-cluttery. The lack of titles, multiple giant pets, and large flashy effects gives a fresher look to it.

    Supplementary Details

    Things that contribute to look, but aren't clothes:
    • Red Rose Label Ring (Label Ring)
    • Final Hitter (Medal)
    • Craw (Pet)
    • Snow Hair (White)
    • Hoi Poi Face (Red)

    Thoughts and History behind look:
    The progress on this look has been gradually underway for the last 4-5 years. I'd have to say it started with my pair of Michaela's Glasses I picked up from Xerxes over 5 years ago. Ever since then, I've been building up an assortment of complementary equips with lots of trial and error. I also try to take people considerations and recommendations. After the glasses I got my Hayato's Helmet from a Hot Time more than 4 years ago. Following that, I managed to pick up an Arkarium's Beard from the 2013 Mystic Gate event.

    In early 2013, I picked up the most adorable little Craw as my pet, and I quickly fell in love with it. I lovingly have named him Spopovich. He, with his charming little pirate hat, are a perfect match for my intended color scheme, and surprisingly this is actually a coincidence.

    I began to do research on MapleStory items that might compliment my current four assets, primarily looking for red/gold/samurai/old man type of items. This process was a very gradual one which took, like I mentioned earlier, about 4-5 years.

    My final look (for the most part) was achieved in around March 2015, though I did make a small change a year later when I started using the Final Hitter medal which was received from Act I of Heroes of Maple.

    Detailed Analysis:

    As can be clearly seen, almost all of my equips have a relation, in that they are red/gold-trimmed/black. Here are some other cool relations some of my items have with each other.

    • The seamless transition in the sleeve to the glove is one of my favorite things about this look. These are two unrelated items (lvl140 Glove and lvl110 Overall), yet they seem destined for each other!
    • I like that almost all of my worn clothes have a gold trim to them! Take a close look!
    • The relation of my medal to my guild emblem is fantastic. The aquamarine, gold, and white colors are almost identical in each. I was deadset on my look 2 years ago, until I got this medal and immediately noticed how perfect it was.
    • My pet Craw is also very much worth mentioning. It's obvious, but all of his colors are ones that I have on my equips. His goldish beak compliments the crescent on my Hayato's Helmet. The pirate hat has almost the exact colors as my hat as well . Also note that his wings match the color of my guild emblem and medal which is also lovely!

    I'm happy that I finally made an entry in this contest!

    Oh shoot duzz entered. I think I'm going to have to sit out until next month. Can't compete with the master, gluck!
  • DaterryDaterry
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    IGN: Daterry

    World: Luna

    Cosmos Knockout hat
    Mummy mask
    Bandage blindfold
    Neo light sword
    Xenon Neo-tech suit
    Xenon Neo-tech shoes
    Xenon Neo-tech gloves
    Amnesiac alien

    I am a super spaceman on a long journey of justice. My goal is to cleanse evil from any world I see on my journey, and today I have arrived to the maple world!! I will together with my friends and all my strength cleanse the maple world from evil and bring the maple world into a peaceful era. With my futuristic and advanced high tech nano suit and light sabre, I can easily defeat the Red Mage with a few swings!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WROAAH
  • NoctesNoctes
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    IGN: Soeft

    World: Scania

    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    Hat: Leaf Hat
    Face: Flushed Cheeks
    Overall: Spring Scene Raincoat
    Weapon: Dreaming Dandelion
    Ring: White Label Ring
    Spring Rain Effect nx

    What look you're going for (theme):
    Where I live is pretty rainy nowadays so I came up with this rainy theme. Rain and bad weather can be depressing, so why not go out of your way to wear something non-depressing, colorful, and bright?
  • SparkleeSparklee
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    IGN: Sparklee

    World: Luna

    Short description of what your character is wearing:

    ~ Sunflower Petal (Hat)
    ~ Flushed Cheeks
    ~ Transparent Glasses
    ~ Transparent Earrings
    ~ Transparent Gloves
    ~ Spring Scene Raincoat
    ~ Idol of the Birds
    ~ Dreaming Dandelion
    ~ Moon Bunny Label Ring
    ~ Yellow Rubber Boots (Nexon, we really need yellow wellington boots... Please make this happen!)

    What look you're going for (theme):

    SHOWERS! Typical British weather. Dry one day, showers the next ! Perfect outfit for a Brit girl like me! Plus it's also really nice to see some yellowness in Maple also, rather than your pinks and blues! :D
  • PharrettPharrett
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    IGN: Aran

    World: Khaini (Broni)

    Short description of what your character is wearing:

    Winter Deer
    V Label Ring
    Head Bandage
    Aqua Green Star
    Electric Knuckle
    Dancing Fireflies
    Shadow Effect

    What look you're going for (theme):

    Going for a bright cold spring kind of look, combined different items to match a blue/green theme as well. I've had a few compliments for this look so I decided to use it for my submission. Fingers Crossed.
  • PharrettPharrett
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    Accident, IGnore
  • koppelo1koppelo1
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    IGN: GreatEmperor

    World: Luna

    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    Pirate captain's hat
    dollish pink
    brown aviator shades
    red winds robes
    silver wolf coat
    noble maple shoes
    bloody fairytale
    timeless hermosa

    android tactically hidden behind the character for the Bloody Rose effect
    dark onmyouji

    What look you're going for (theme):
    Spring is here, glaciers have melted and a new season of pirating and pillaging has started. Time for Kyrin to step down and give her spot to the new Captain.
  • íòxóìíòxóì
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    IGN: Flâneur | World: Windia
    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    • Featherly Angel Hat, Heart Pounding Lip Gloss, Twinkle Sparkle, Fancy Noblesse Robe, Chicken Glovaroo, Dancing Fireflies, Transparent Shoes
    What look you're going for (theme): A noblesse... rarely training, always lounging, and sometimes strolling.
  • KaisuiKaisui
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    IGN: Aerieth

    World: Scania


    Time Master Hat
    Pitch Dark Poem
    Angel Wing Shoes
    Elizabeth Gloves
    Eternal Noblesse
    White Bread
    Waking up to Ram and Rem Chair

    Theme: Mysterious Paradiise,
    Special Story - I just got up and where am I?
    Before I could speak someone stuffed my mouth with something
    It was a taste like no other, a divine delicacy.
    These ladies greeted me with "Shh, don't speak, eat this"
    *chews* "Why?"

    "We are here to serve you, just relax, and lay back."

    I could get used to this.. maybe?
  • TameemTameem
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    IGN: ZalamanSoul


    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    Damien's Eyepatch
    Hazy Night Tassel
    Schwarzer Cross
    Heros Damien Label Ring

    What look you're going for (theme):
    I am a NightLord ... I look like a NightLord !
    covered by the shadow hood as an assassin, Hiding a face that have never been seen before.
    This is the ultimate Ninja form !
  • Holas2Holas2
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    IGN: Holas


    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    Red rose label ring my anroid : Red bow, Battle scar, Priscilla's dress,bloody rose, Priscilla's Heels
    Red Rose chat ring
    Dark Devil Horns
    Brown Aviator shades
    Red casual suit(male)
    Tania Tartan Pants
    Umbral shoes
    Transparent capes

    What look you're going for (theme):
    Story/life philosophy: people will pass away someday but their spirit is immortal. Smile, and be thankful for people who sacrifice their lives for the peace of Maple world.

    Red Style description: The whole idea of this style is too keep hue and lum on the same level, I don't like something dazzling because it will lead to aesthetic weariness after using it several times.
    So this is my red perm nx style, I like red without any reasons.

    Red rose label/chat ring: I choose that because the rose is light red, it can emphasize your character name/word clearly and I like that colour. So choose the perm nx based on these rings' colour.
    Dark Devil Horns: Only Dark Devil Horns have the same level of hue and lum with Red rose label ring. I tired a lot red perm nx hat but only Dark Devil horns fit my taste, it's not big and dazzling.
    Red casual suit(male): this is one of my favorite suit in MS, not only the colour but also the suit is looks nice and clean, can impress others sometimes.
    Tania Tartan Pants: there are only 3 long red pants in MS atm: Bunny-Padded snowboard pants, red-hip pop pants and Tania Tartan pants. So Tania Tartan pants is more appropriated for Red casual suit.
    Unmbral shoes: red suit with black shoes that's really common style in Modern world.

    Transparent cape, glove, capes: again I just want to look nice and simple.

    as for anroid: I don't think i need to explain it, you can see it's perfectly fit with my red style.
  • AmbrosialAmbrosial
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    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    White Beanie
    Green Suspenders
    Old School Uniform Pants (F)
    Villain Gloves
    Villain Shoes
    Umbral Cloak
    Test Pen
    Ink-and-Wash Painting Name Tag Ring

    Wounded Look White
    Black Overgrown Hhair

    What look you're going for (theme):
    This is my take on yin and yang as a maplestory character. Where the darkness from below are trying to take over the sainthood that is myself. Therefore the angellike white colours on top, to display that.
  • TrypophobicTrypophobic
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    IGN: BlueJew

    World: Luna (Europe)

    Short description of what your character is wearing: Mocking Laughter, In-forest camping look (male), Lightning Gloves, Sparkling Blue Bird, Blue Beard Label Ring, Traveler's Wing Glasses, Sweetwater Shoes.

    What look you're going for (theme): A look that is both adventurous and calm. The different shades of blue blend pretty nicely to create a chilly, cool look. I feel like that's a representation of my personality.
    With summer right around the corner we have to think adventure, too! Some nice camping clothes and a backpack to carry your supplies. The best part about summer is nature being in bloom. The birdy companion fits right in with both themes.

  • TwizzzlersTwizzzlers
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    CT1ypjR.png SdnPGxT.png

    IGN: Knoebels
    World: Scania

    Short Description of what my Character is Wearing:

    - Spectrum Goggles
    - Floral Print School Uniform
    - Pink Bean Buddy Medal
    - Blue Pencil Label Ring
    - Deluxe Rainbow Quote Ring
    - Butterfly Flower Effect Ring
    - Amorian Aura Ring
    - Strawberry Headphone Hat
    - So Delish Ice Cream
    - Sakura Sword
    - Candybear Watch
    - Rocket Fuse Cape
    - Noble Maple Shoes


    - Candyflower Chair

    What look you're going for (theme): Birthday Suit Theme!!
    I wanted to celebrate this month to me because my birthday is in May and it is a great way to show my pride and my existence of another year on this planet earth and to feel one year older. I had this brilliant plan to dress up in my birthday costume on maplestory and to celebrate it with friends and family.

    Thanks guys for the Wonderful birthday wishes.!

    I feel old but im 22 and aint getting any younger.
  • DuzzDuzz
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    @RaysOffice2016 Happy belated birthday!

  • ryushureiryushurei
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    IGN: Ryuzune
    World: Reboot

    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    • Hat: Big Expidition Hat from Artifact Hunt Event
    • Face: Yummy Candy from Gachawatch
    • Eye Acc: Clear Glasses from Cash Shop
    • Top: Cutie Raincoat from Gachawatch
    • Bottom: Puffy puffy Dress (Female) from Gachawatch
    • Shoes: Pensalir Mage Boots from monsters' drop (Refer here)

    What look you're going for (theme): School theme

    Currently in my area, May is an exam season. ⚡ thundering sound
    If you guys are facing an exam season too, then GOOD LUCK DESU! d( ・ω´・+)

    So talking about exams, I have this imagination where Mir is taking the exam with me but he has been disqualify from the exam just because he DID NOT WEAR HIS SCHOOL UNIFORM. However, we can't really blame Mirmir... the school uniform is just TOO SMALL for MirMir...!!! (ಥ﹏ಥ) or maybe he is too fat. shld i push Mir to have diet?

    Also... is Shinsoo International School a secondary school or high school? If it is a high school, does that means preschooler like me should be disqualify as well? (╹□╹)

    p/S: Do forgive me if I made any accidental mistakes in my entry or in term of writing. I am still an English learner.
  • SayokoSayoko
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    Image: http://imgur.com/a/lGfdJ

    IGN: Violin

    World: Windia

    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    • Hat: Cunning Sweet Pig Hat
    • Outfit: Cunning Sweet Pig Outfit
    • Shoes: Hula hula Beaded Anklet
    • Gloves: Featherly Angel Glove
    • Cape: Silken Flower Cape
    • Weapon: Shooting Star
    • Label Ring: G Clef Label Ring

    What look you're going for (theme): Maplestory X League of Legends
    With the Re:zero crossover going on; I decided to do a crossover of my own in order to mix my two favorite games together. My character is dressed as Star Guardian Janna from League of Legends flying around to search for Jinx once again! Now where is that little trouble maker again?
  • TriforceTriforce
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    IGN: Tsurime

    World: Reboot


    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    Petite Diablo
    Lovely shopper (Female)
    Shoes of Life
    Rainbow Marbles
    Flowery Breeze
    Colourbug Chat Ring
    Melody Ring
    Breezy Bamboo
    Cat Skein Label Ring

    What look you're going for (theme): A relaxed, cutesy look with lots of colours.
    I'm quite cheerful and optimistic in personality, so I tried to reflect that in my outfit with bright colours and plenty of effects such as the Breezy Bamboo (pandas&rainbows), Melody Ring (musical notes), Rainbow Marbles (colourful dots), Flowery Breeze (flowers) and Shoes of Life (even more flowers when I walk, hehe!)
  • OkLetsGoOkLetsGo
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    IGN: Aysael

    World: Demethos

    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    Triumphant Wings
    Star of Ereve (Female)
    Shadow Mask
    Blue Arabian Outfit
    Cygnus Sandals (Female)
    Death Waltz
    White Earphones
    White Label Ring
    Maple Memorabilia Collector


    What look you're going for (theme): "Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody."

    Using the primary colors (white, gold and cyan) of the Cygnus's Knights, I was going for the look of an assassin sworn into the ranks of an elite fraction.

    Under the direct command of Neinheart, Chief Strategist of Ereve, they worked in the shadows only executing missions that were deemed politically unethical.
  • lim0nelim0ne
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    IGN: Limone

    World: Bellocan

    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    Surprised Face (Red)
    Samurai Ponytail (Black)
    Ladybug Hat
    Ice Cold Red
    Twinkling Eyes
    Ladybug Clothes
    Hula Hula Beaded Anklet
    Featherly Angel Gloves
    Honeybee Wings
    Pink Bean Chocolate Label & Chat Ring
    Butterfly Flower Effect Ring
    Lemon Shooting Ring
    Universal Transparent Weapon

    What look you're going for (theme):
    My outfit is inspired by the beauty of nature - the celebration of life. It displays the miraculous luck of a ladybug paired with the productivity of a bee (android).
    The Twinkling Eyes give the appearance of bug-like eyes. Combining this with the Surprised Face gives the appearance of a cheerful ladybug. Simply the best look of the season.
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