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Losing Aspire ID after failing B4

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^^^ I spent one Aspire ID to rescue another wondroid today and I fell while in B4, it kicked me out to where Spencer is and ask me to pay for another Aspire ID to enter the portal and try again ;;w;; plz halp I don't wanna risk and lose another ID.


  • RexaarRexaar
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    Each day you have unlimited entries until you successfully rescue a wondroid.
    If you want to rescue more than 2 wondroid in a day, you start using Aspire ID for each try to get past B4.
    It is probably the developer oversight that the game take away a pass when you enter B4 and not when you enter the rescue mode room.
  • WatcherCCGWatcherCCG
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    We just keep finding new reasons to slam this event every few days. Did they even fully test it when it was translated and ported?
  • PhoenixKumoPhoenixKumo
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    I don't know. I think this is actually on purpose otherwise, there wouldn't be dialogue from Spencer himself about how you'll be fine even if caught since you have a Visitor's ID each time you reenter B4 after you rescued an android for the day.