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PTS Suggestion

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i think we need system or something like that where evrysingle PTS member will need post their feedback with as much as posb detail
~what bug found (with details as much as can )
-what can be done better (with details as much as can )

etc etc

(this as option)
i was also thinking if we can make system with "rewards" like most reports/best bug solution given/
so it will encourage maplers to find more


  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited August 2017
    We already have the PTS bug reporting forum and we're expected to post bugs with all the details.
    As for non-bug "fix it" feedback (such as "this event spams our chat / chokes inventory / causes loot lag / jq too hard / drop rate too low"), that's what this section is for.

    Only rewards I want are:
    - Bugs fixed
    - Feedback taken into consideration
    - Invitation to the next round of Tespia

    I think that we shouldn't need extra incentive to do what we volunteered to do. If anyone doesn't do their part they will be taken out to make room for someone more diligent.
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  • CaptainArchieCaptainArchie
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    There's a format listed on this thread that I think covers what you're talking about.

    I agree 100% with Akradian though, if people come here just to play new stuff early, they need to be sacked.
  • JosrevJosrev
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    i just want something like perma 3x EXP so we can lvl the new characters faster
  • AquasisAquasis
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    I think if we need the lvls there wil be a lvling npc i think for quiker detecting bugs. Otherwise it wil take to long im geussing. But thats what i know from other testing servers.