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[Suggestion]Princess No

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edited August 2017 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
I wanted to get this out before this goes live.

There's a small abusive flaw to the Princess No Change

• You can access the Princess No fight after completing ‘Investigating Hieizan’ by talking to NPC Ayame and receiving the Hieizan Temple Key from her.

currently how this run works is, you can go in princess no as many times as you have that many keys. 30 keys = 30 entries. (ik a friend who's done that much)

At that point people who actually do farm these keys and have farm their secondaries, seems a little unfair even if the prizes are low rate.

1st run - Bronze Box
2nd run - Silver Box
3rd run+ = Gold box with has the Princess No Secondary.

That basically means after the 3rd run, you'll end up with gold boxes after every fight, giving a higher chance of a secondary,

This boss should be changed to Once a day, like every other boss.


  • SpiritSpirit
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    edited August 2017
    I think this change is actually good. Princess No is already very time consuming and actually receiving a secondary is insanely rare. This change will make these secondaries more accessible imo.
  • ChaosThiefChaosThief
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    To be technical, the silver boxes do have a chance to drop the secondary. An incredibly slim chance, supposedly, but a chance nonetheless.

    It would be very nice to have Princess No just become a daily run boss, assuming you don't have to farm the obnoxiously low rate of key dropping that the alter ego seemed to have.

    It would also be a good idea to raise the chance of a secondary from the boxes if we limit the amount of runs per day, so that it doesn't end up taking an eternity to find the secondary.
  • iluvsuniluvsun
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    edited August 2017
    uh just to make things clear you don't get a gold box after every 3rd run. after the third run you start over and get a copper box, silver box, and gold box again. tbh i think the changes are fine as is since you basically have to go through an entire dungeon just to get the boss itself.