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Skipping trailer during startup closes the game

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edited October 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Startup/login
Date/Time of occurrence: After the patch on 10/19/2017

Steps to reproduce:

Start the game using the Nexon Launcher, and when the trailer showcasing the update begins to play, click the mouse to skip it. The screen will fade to black, sometimes the Wizet logo will flash, and the game will close, forcing you to start the game up again.


  • tnyzngtnyzng
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    edited October 2017
    this even happens when i let the trailer play too
  • InvulgoInvulgo
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    edited October 2017

    I wasn't able to reproduce this, neither was Alex or MegaScience.

    Anyone else getting this?
  • M3gaLuizaM3gaLuiza
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    edited October 2017
    I Just Had This Problem Too.

    *Works When I dont skip*
  • foussiremixfoussiremix
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    edited October 2017
    Can confirm this
    Skipping the trailer causes the game to crash.
  • RexaarRexaar
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    edited October 2017
    The trailer and the logo are like loading screen.
    By skipping them immediately, you aren't giving MapleStory time to load, thus causing it to crash (MapleStory will often crash when it is taking less than 50MB of memory in the task manager when you skip).
  • shavitshavit
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    edited October 2017
    I can reproduce.