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Cadena & Illium Fan Art Contest [WINNERS]

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Not everyone can say that they're amazing when it comes to creating breathtaking drawings, but thankfully art comes in the form of many different styles. For this Cadena and Illium fan art contest, we want you to decide which path you'll take. See the participation rules below for the full details!

How to Participate:
Draw the new character Cadena or Iliium and submit your drawing in this thread.
You may choose between two categories in this art contest which are divided into the following:
Digital & Traditional Entry:
To qualify for this category, your artwork must be a digital or traditional piece of Cadena or Illium.

Follow the template below to properly submit your entry:

Name of Artwork or Description (Optional):
[Image of art]
Stick Figure Entry:
To qualify for this category, your artwork must be stick figure art of Cadena or Illium.

Follow the template below to properly submit your entry:

Name of Artwork or Description (Optional):

Make sure that your entry abides by all of the contest rules below.

Official Contest Guidelines:

Official Contest Rules: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/17708/cadena-illium-fan-art-contest-official-rules?new=1
  • The contents of the artwork must contain Cadena or Illium.
  • The image must be drawn by you. We're only accepting digital, traditional, and stick figure art.
  • By submitting in this contest, you provide appropriate licenses for the artwork's use.
  • Keep the image rated PG. No nudity or anything that borderlines it.
  • Contestants are limited to only one entry and may not enter in both categories.
  • Contestants may edit or modify their submission at any time during the duration of the contest.
We will be selecting a total of 3 Winners from both categories!

Digital & Traditional Category Prizes:
1st Place: 50,000 Maple Points + MapleStory Mug of Your Choice
2nd Place: 25,000 Maple Points
3rd Place: 15,000 Maple Points

Stick Figure Category Prizes:
1st Place: MapleStory Mug of Your Choice
2nd Place: 20,000 Maple Points
3rd Place: 10,000 Maple Points

Contest's Duration: 12/18/2017 ~ 1/10/2017

Thank you and good luck!


  • ArwooArwoo
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    edited December 2017
    Reserved Post for Winner Announcement!
  • NeurobeatNeurobeat
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    Member, Private Tester
    edited December 2017

    [Reserved post.]
  • SqueakSqueak
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    edited December 2017
    Probably should have not all nighter to do this but oh well.
    World: Scania
    Description: Just Cadena sitting down with her trusted pet kind of melancholy because of what she once was which explains why she has slightly visible horns and wings
    *Entry posted 12-19-17
    *Edited 12-28-17
    just wanted to refine the background and shadowing a bit and post a .gif of some of the progress i did in making this drawing
    RennikrskPeekAtChuLemonPartaeDrAatroxTimidjacksowhatErasHero124123Retr0_and 6 others.
  • NibboNibbo
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    Member, Private Tester
    edited December 2017
    I'm so gonna enter this ! -Reserving-
  • krskkrsk
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    Member, Private Tester
    edited December 2017
    IGN: Want
    World: Bera
    Name of Artwork or Description (Optional): My thoughts as an Illium..
  • TwizzzlersTwizzzlers
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    Member, Private Tester
    edited December 2017
    Description: Cadena Saves Christmas!

    Once upon a time on a cold December Day there once lived a new class Cadena. It was Christmas Day here in old Maplestory, but the monsters took over Christmas and its spirit. Can Cadena Save Christmas by using new powers to take them out!

    IGN: Knoebels
    World: Scania


  • LohdyLohdy
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    edited January 2018
    IGN: Lohd
    World: Bera
    Title: Illium Sleeping in Class

    BansKayDroymAXaerysSqueakRenniPeekAtChuTimidJoTheWeirdoPhoEnthusiastIlushionand 2 others.
  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    edited January 2018
    IGN: Luminalas
    World: Reboot
    Art: Petalmagic as Illium, in CRA gear.
    Believe it or not...this took me over a month...the wings took me a week to shade in a way i liked...and the dang eyes...=3=7''
  • LemonPartaeLemonPartae
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    edited December 2017
    IGN: LemonPartae
    World: Reboot
    Artwork : Illum shooting lazers and illum's toys with arms and legs.
    The arms and legs on illium's toys are symbollic.
    idk how this works but reserving this spot plz
  • lolatverololatvero
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    edited December 2017
    reserving spot~
  • SlicedTimeSlicedTime
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    edited December 2017
    Potentially reserving a spot... Also, whoever came up with the idea of a stick figure based drawing competition deserves a promotion or two.
  • DeadBotDeadBot
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    edited December 2017
    Welp i always needed more cash for illium.
    IGN: IlliumKun
    World: Luna
    Name of Artwork or Description (Optional): Illium Of sorrow
  • AnEpicPlayerAnEpicPlayer
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    edited December 2017
    IGN: Mineral
    World: Luna
    Bricks will always be a better weapon than chains.
  • LoyalMSplayerLoyalMSplayer
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    edited December 2017
  • KezrauxKezraux
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    edited December 2017
    reserved for the Lord of Microsoft Paint

  • BigDaddyDavidBigDaddyDavid
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    edited December 2017
  • BeefBeef
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    edited December 2017
    IGN: Togoto
    World: Reboot
    Livelyhood after the big war
  • CodeDonutsCodeDonuts
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    Member, Private Tester
    edited December 2017
    IGN: CodeDonuts
    World: Reboot
    Name of Artwork or Description (Optional): This one i might call it: Chillium the Enchanter! Obvious reasons of course as the art shows!
    Well, this one pushed me to my limits heh, also tried going for the Maple Style + giving the spirit of Christmas to it.
    (Made in Adobe Flash CS6, no tablet usage) Category: Digital & Traditional Entry
    Illium might've missed the DMT but Maplestory didn't forget his brilliance at starforcing! F3
    RenniOmarDino7krskLemonPartaeLyedenmercifulTimidErasJoTheWeirdoLohdyand 1 other.
  • RenniRenni
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    edited December 2017
    IGN: Recalci
    World: Windia
    Name of Artwork or Description: Cadena with her wings and horns

    * Entry may be edited later on. #nosleep
    SqueakkrskLemonPartaeLyedenmercifulDrAatroxTimidPeekAtChuErasmorkand 12 others.
  • mercifulmerciful
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    edited January 2018
    IGN: MacroCosmos
    World: Luna
    Name of Artwork: To the rescue!
    Description: Our hero Illium is making his way with his sharp magic javelin through the crowds of his opponents to fight for the salvation of the Wooden Lef.

    I have always been a fan of the stick figures, so I take this opportunity to present my version to you. It's a high quality figure in the style of flat design. Hope you like it as much as I did when I designed it. Good luck to you all & have a happy christmas!

    Edit: fixed some minor stuff which looked a bit akward.