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Legend Return Event.

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edited February 2018 in General Chat
Leave it to nexon to continue to impress me with the worst events in history. This new winner is the Virtual Battle Event in the Legends Return. Lets go back to the simple events from years ago, not these terrible played events that take you out of the game completely for 10 mins+, give a terrible prize, and are not beneficial in any way, other than getting a few coins. literally a few. At least if i'm farming for boxes, kills, drops, exploring, or killing a boss, their is some benefit in doing an event for a few coins.


  • BunnyWriterBunnyWriter
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    Oh you know what?
    Let me take you to a time where you would spend HOURS collecting zombie lupin dolls just to get 24 fame.
    those were the real times! ;D

    These new events are garbage.
  • StallbenStallben
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    I don't know if anyone has has this before but when I picked Mu Gong, I couldn't attack anything. I tried the input commands but I was just attacking nothing. Is this character bugged?? And because of that, the game told me that it "detected unsportsmanlike conduct"...WHAT?! I literally couldn't attack and the game thinks I was cheating or something?? And what's worse, I saw another Mu Gong player and they were attacking just fine so what happened on my part?? And now I can't play for 10 minutes because of this...
  • scholar624scholar624
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    The controls to me felt a little wonky to get use to (thank goodness for practice mode) but otherwise the only design flaw was more involving team balancing. Then again, "League of Legends" was never by cup of tea to begin with.

    Is there a particular character on the roster you found to be underwhelming or completely broken?
    What do you think of Ryude, the newest hero to join the roster?
    Can you think of any better awards or a way of making this event more fun to be a part of?
  • ArlongArlong
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    Ryude is a good addition. Legends return is actually fairly balanced, I've seen people dominate with every class. I'm best with mugong or ryude. It would be better if it gave more coins or better rewards in general