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Anyone know a scania twitch streamer

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I'm a lonely dude with a lot of time that procrastinate on maplestory because leveling's PUUUKE, but always watching someone go through the boring process is always fun to me

But most Maplestory twitch streamers are reboot or bera, so does anyone know any scania streamer, I'll be ok if you advertise yourself, I'm pretty much desperate at this point.

(I'll be ok with YouTube streamers also)

Also asking for a friend if anyone know a MYBCKN streamers that would also be great!


  • PigabaPigaba
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    I'm senior officer of pretty active guild in Scania. We have a guild discord channel and go on daily/weekly boss raids, and sometimes PQs as well (hmuto). Requirement is pretty much being active player. Private message me if you're interested
  • iSouvenirsiSouvenirs
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    AmyteGaming(That's his youtube, I'm not sure if it's his twitch also) but he streams every once in awhile on twitch. His YouTube content is pretty good, but he's the only scania streamer that I know of.
  • knight4u96knight4u96
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    i am planning to stream as i am aiming for one of those high end user. I am currently going for all 22 starforce enhancement and cubing for better specs. If you are interested you can come watch mine :)