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Zero Weapon and Eternal Flame Rebirths

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edited June 2018 in Bug Reporting
Zero Weapon Tier 8 (absolab) isn't being flamed properly. Its not being considered a boss drop/weapon so the eternal rebirths aren't being applied properly. (Been through 25 eternal rebirths and can confirm that the 4 lines aren't guaranteed)

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Level: 220
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  • DaysOfDrayDaysOfDray
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    I also agree, have attempted flaming my Zero's Arcane weapon and have been getting terrible rolls on eternal rebirth flames. The 4 lines are also not guaranteed.

    Character: Aeares
    Level: 234
    Server: Broa/Khaini
  • PetePete
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    I can confirm this also. Many of my flames even gave 0 lines. From doing some research it appears that flames on zero weapons work differently to other weapons but the results from using Eternal Rebirth Flames should not be this poor, it is definitly a bug.

    What are some of the best lines some of you managed to get from using eternal flames on Lapis/Lazuli?

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    Server: Scania
  • scholar624scholar624
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    Thanks for the reports everyone, I'm forwarding these along with the related issues with flaming non-KMS gear.