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A new way to do events!!!

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Try blocking the hackers so we may actually have a chance to enjoy the event. In the LAB world you cannot be in ANY room for more than 30 seconds before a hacker comes in.


  • zoutzakjezoutzakje
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    edited August 2018
    my lab character reached the first legion block at 150 and i have yet to come across a single hacker. People coming in and ksing your map yeah (i don't blame them though, good places to grind are limited with so many folks online) but no hackers. I'm sure there are some, but definitely not as many as you claim there are. Don't exaggerate
  • pandabunniespandabunnies
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    I haven't seen any hackers so far. Maybe I'm just lucky?
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    Got to 200 without seeing a single hacker. My guess is you saw one and ran over here to make this thread.